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In Germany, Hitler is considered persona non grata and they say, there are no official statues of Hitler in Germany. No one would ever like to be sculptured next to him, not even a statuette . I wonder if Gandhi would have held a belief contrary to this?

How this thought has crossed my mind is obvious from the unveiling of the statute of Gandhi next to Winston Churchill in London’s Parliament Square. That there had been an old rivalry between Gandhi and Winston Churchill, or that he called Gandhi a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, posing as a fakir, striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal Palace, or that, it was him who refused to meet Gandhi, is however not what brings Hitler in. We all know Gandhi had been a staunch believer in A-hinsa (Ahimsa). It was a way of life for him that just a word. But this simple word was big enough to spin this very basic question If Gandhi would have felt pride standing next to anyone with the ultimate responsibility for killings of innocents?

“Nazi Concentration Camps” is perhaps the most macabre side of Hitler. Killing of thousands of innocent people and waging a war are two different things and the first one is what could not have been an acceptable way of life for Gandhi.

Bombing at German City Dresden in World War-II in direct violation of International Laws and Hague Conventions is one of the dreadful events of the history that in my opinion is no less brutal and gruesome than atrocities inflicted by Hitler. The British and USA Air Force dropped more than 3900 tons of high explosive and fire bombs killing 200000 (official toll 25000) innocent people, it was indeed not less than an act of terror than a war.

It is widely believed that the then British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was the one ultimately responsible person for these killings, he had tried to disassociated himself from the attacks though.

Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi would stick to his chanting “Raghupati raghaw raja ram, sabko sanmati de Bhagwan” but have we learned from the History yet?

Gandhi Statute next to Winston Churchill - Hey Ram- CA Ashutosh Lohani |15-03-2015|

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