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Delhi High Court has refused to interefere with Odd-even Scheme-Read Full Judgment Click Here >>

Chief Minister Arind Kejriwal presented the Blue-print of much talked Odd even car formula to curn air pollution in Delhi. To begin with the odd even car formula of Delhi Government shall be applicable for the initial period of 15 days from 1 st January 2015 to 15 January 2015.

Type of Vehicles covered:
Presently the odd even formula is applicable for cars only and two wheelers are not covered.

Day-wise odd even numbers covered:
Odd Number Cars to run on odd number dates only -> 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 January, 2015
Even Number Cars to run on even number dates only -> 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 th January, 2015

Intervening Sundays excluded :
4 th January and 11 th January, 2015 excluded from Odd even scheme.

Timing of the Odd Even Number Scheme:
The restrictions shall be applicable from 8AM to 8PM

Fine for Violation:
A fine of Rs. 2000/- shall be imposed

Exemption from the Scheme:
The following personalities/vehicles have been exempted from the scheme:

1. President of India
2.Vice President of India
3. Prime Minister of India
4. Vehicles of the Governors of the States
5. Chief Justice of India
6. Vehicles of Speaker of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha
7. Vehicles of Union Ministers
8. Vehicles of Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha
9. Vehicles of Chief Minister(s) of States and Union Territories except Chief Minister of Delhi
10. Vehicles of Judges of the Supreme Court of India
11. Vehicles of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
12. Vehicles of Deputy Speakers of Lok Sabha
13. Vehicles of Lt. Governors of Union Territories
14. Vehicles of Judges of Delhi High Court
15. Vehicle of Lokayukta

Emergency vehicles
16. Ambulance/Fire-brigade /Hospitals/Hearse/Prison Vehicles

17. Enforcement Vehicles, Police Vehicles, Transport Department Vehicles authorized by Divisional Commissioner and Para Medical Forces vehicles
19. Vehicles bearing Defence Ministry number plates
20. Vehicles having Pilot Escorts
21. Vehicles of SPG Protectees
22. Embassy Vehicles bearing CD Numbers.
23. CNG driven vehicles prominently displaying CNG stickers to be obtained from IGL Stations.
24. Electric/Hybrid vehicles
25. Vehicles being used in medical emergency (no specific requirement, exemption is trust based)
26. Only women vehicle or Only women + kid below 12 year vehicle
27. Vehicles driven/occupied by handicapped persons

Download the Odd Even Notification Click Here >>

Kejriwal Delhi Government Odd Even Car Formula Blue-print 01-15 January for Curbing Pollution-Days, Exemptions and Fine for Violation | 24-12-2015 |

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