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Excel Auto Salary TDS Certificate in Form 16 AY 2014-15

ABCAUS Excel Form 16 for AY 2015-16 FY 2014-15 Click Here >>

Under Section 203 of Income tax Act, 1961, Every employer whether in Government sector or in private sector, is required to issue in form 16, a certificate for tax deducted at source  (TDS) from salary. This Excel based automatic form 16  can be used both by companies or non companies for issue of form 16 to their employees.

As per Rule 31(2) of Income Tax Rules, 1962 the following particulars are required in the  form16:

1. Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the employee

2. Tax Deduction Account Number of the employer

3. Basic Statistical Return (BSR) Number if the tax is deposited through a bank. This is also called as "Challan Indentification Number".

4.  Book Identification Number if tax deducted is deposited without a challan in case of Government employer.

5.  Receipt Numbers of all the quarterly statements/returns of tax deducted at source under the head salaries.

The form 16 is required to be furnished to employees annually latest by 31st May of the assessment year  for the financial year for which tax has been deducted.

Issue of Form 16

As per CBDT Circular No. 04/2013 dated 17 th April, 2013, issue of form 16 for deduction of tax at source made on or after 01-04-2012 shall be in two parts as under:


All deductors (including Government deductors) shall issue the Part A of Form No. 16, by generating and subsequently downloading through TRACES Portal, in respect of all sums deducted on or after the1st day of April, 2012 under the provisions of section 192 of Chapter XVII-B.Part A of Form No 16 shall have a unique TDS certificate number. Part-A can be issued manually after verifying the same by using a digital signature or by manual signature.

In other words, Part A of Form No. 16 shall be issued by all the deductors, only by generating it through TRACES Portal and after duly authenticating and verifying it.


‘Part B (Annexure)’ of Form No. 16 shall be prepared by the deductor manually and issued to the deductee after due authentication and verification alongwith the Part A of the Form No. 16.

ABCAUS excel based auto fill Form 16 is very simple and user friendly. The user is required to fill the data in a pop up form and Excel Form 16 is updated automatically with ease. For comfort in filling, the form has been divided into total of four sections. Each section can be filled independently.

It has an inbuilt PAN and TAN Structure check and each time a wrong PAN or TAN structure is written, it immediately gives a message to alert for any wrong entry that could be made. List of various codes have also been made available in a pop-up box to enable a quick referencing.

It automatically calculates the amount of allowable deductions under Chapter VIA and applicable income tax on the total income also gets auto calculated.

Macro should be enabled to use this form. Users are advised to read help file first.

ABCAUS Excel Auto TDS Certificate Form 16 Download

ABCAUS Excel Auto TDS Certificate Form 16 Download

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