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ABCAUS Excel Project Gantt Chart Maker

A Gantt Chart is a kind of bar graph which represents various elements, phases and activities of a given assignment or project.  Gantt Charts illustrates the start dates and finish dates for each activity and project as a whole. For monitoring and scheduling any project, gantt charts are very helpful.


ABCAUS Excel based Gantt Chart utilizes the  REPT Function of the Microsoft Excel to generate text graph.


The formula used to generate a text graph is :

= REPT (text, number_times)


“REPT” stands for Repeater. It basically repeats a certain string for a given number of times.

For Example:


1. =REPT(“X”,10)          XXXXXXXXXX      here “X” is repeated 10 times

2. =REPT(“CA”,5)          CACACACACA     here “CA” is repeated 5 times

3. =REPT(“I”,21)            IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII       here “I” is repeated 21 times

4. =REPT(“5”,12)           555555555555       here “5” is repeated 12 times


Users are required to fill the Project Title which can be any activity including an audit program and sub divisions of activities  along with their likely start and finish dates.


By default an audit program has been sub illustrated by dividing it into (a) Audit Planning, (b) Field Work, (c) Exit Discussion and (d) Audit Follow up. Each Audit Activity from (a) to (d) has been further segmented into various sub-activities forming its part. Start and Finish Dates should be provided against all these sub-activities .  Start and finish dates of sub-activities  can be interdependent or independent of other sub-activities.


Excel Gantt Chart gets prepared immediately after start and finish dates are fed.

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