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ABCAUS Excel Auto Income Tax Calculator AY 2013-14

ABCAUS Excel Income Tax Calculator for Assessment Year 2013-14 has been designed to make individual income tax calculation available at a click of the mouse. Users are required to only fill the figures of the income under various heads and rest is taken care by this calculator.


It can calculate tax for all categories of income like;

1.   Income from Salary

2.   Income from House property

3.   Income from Business and Profession

4.   Income from Short Term Capital Gains

5.   Income from Long Term Capital Gains

6.   Income from Other Sources

7.   Income from Agriculture

8.   Income from Lotteries etc.

While calculating Income Tax for Assessment year 2013-14, It also considers not only the set off of current years losses abut also set off of brought forward losses from previous years.

It can calculate income tax on all categories of individuals including senior citizens or very senior citizens.

To use the calculator, users are required to use buttons provided in the calculator. Make sure that macros are enabled. Users are advised to download help on how to enable macros in excel here    

The following fill buttons have been provided:


1.   Fill Income Details                                                2.        Set off of Current Year’s Losses

3.       Set off of brought forward losses                          4.        Calculate Income Tax

5.   Calculate rebate on agriculture income                6.        Reset Computation

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