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ABCAUS Excel based Challan GAR-7 for payment of Service Tax is based on the CBEC Circular No 165/16/2012 for restoration of service specific accounting codes for payment of service tax. Earlier  under the negative list approach Code 00441089 was prescribed for all taxable service by circular 161/12/201.

Recently CBEC has specified accounting codes for the payment of Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) vide circular no. 188/7/2015 dated 15-11-2015 . This GAR-7 has been updated to include the code so prescribed.

This challan has a database facility to first add the client’s basic records to avoid repetitive data input each time. The following basic information are required to be added from Add assessee’s record option:

1.    Assessee Code
2.    Full Name
3.    Complete Address
4.    Telephone No
5.    PIN Code
6.    Commissionerate Name
7.    Commissionerate Code
8.    Division Code
9.    Range Code

It has also a built in check to avoid wrong assessee code structure input.

Once the assessee’s record have been added,  Challan fields from 2 to 9 above can be filled just by selecting specific assessee’s name.

Once assessee record are filled in, users can select up to seven accounting codes from drop down menu and fill the amount of service tax against each of them in a very simple way and Green fill button immediately populates the data into excel challan which is then ready to print.

This excel utility is very attractive, simple, user friendly and bundled with help sections. Complete list of Accounting Codes and text of circular 165/16/2012 and 188/7/2015 has also been made available in a popup box/by way of a link.

Download ABCAUS Excel Service Tax Challan GAR-7 Click Here >>

ABCAUS Revised Excel Service Tax Challan GAR-7 with database Facility and Swachh Bharat Codes (SBC). Version-2016

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