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In today’s busy life the need for a task reminder can not be overemphasized.  Especially as a professional we can not afford an important schedule slipping out of the mind and causing irreparable damages. This reminder software of to do list in excel spreadsheet  has been designed to avoid any such undesired event.

This excel based task reminder helps you remember all important schedules, events and dates. These can be your professional meetings, appearances, seminars or even your personal affairs like a medical check up, insurance payment or bill payments.

It is very simple to use . Users are required to keep a date-wise schedule  of their important tasks in the table provided. While writing a schedule, write it in brief ( up to 40 character  maximum).  Additional information if required can be written in the notes column.

Make sure that you write all schedules in consecutive rows. Don’t skip rows while writing the schedules.

All schedules shall be sorted in the order of days automatically.

The reminder has been set to work on two criterions:
1.    To show schedules which are approaching in next three days including current day; and
2.    To repeat the reminder popup every three hour.

Note that it uses the date and time of your computer, make sure that they are correct.

ABCAUS Excel Task Reminder can start automatically whenever you start your computer  and play a sound file of your choice. (See help file to know how to set this up)

Please note that once loaded users are required to the task reminder file open and minimized in desktop. If the file is closed, the task reminder shall not work. Read the help file before setting up the task reminder.


ABCAUS Excel Desktop Reminder Download

ABCAUS Excel Auto Desktop Task Reminder and To-Do-List Download

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