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ABCAUS Excel based Personal Affairs Checklist or Diary is a concise digital record and key information with respect to your personal affairs related to Income Tax,  Properties,  Investments etc.  In the event of some unforeseen happening, this checklist can help in recovering all the information documented in it.

It is recommended to every person irrespective of his/her profession, or age.  This checklist cum diary should be regularly updated and shared with your spouse or solicitor etc.  
The checklist has been divided into nine sections:

1.    Income Tax
2.    Properties
3.    Investments
4.    Insurance
5.    Advisors
6.    Banks
7.    Cyberspace
8.    Employment, and
9.    Others

Users should fill the important information details provided for in each of these sections.

In case of an emergency, such as untimely death or incapacitation due to sudden illness, this checklist cum diary can act as a source of valuable information in enabling your loved ones to manage your affairs and the emergency. In the absence of this checklist, there can be delays in recovering the information contained therein which can have serious and adverse consequences. Remember! a properly documented and shared Personal Affairs Checklist can even save your life.

ABCAUS Excel Personal Affairs Checklist / Diary is menu driven, user friendly and very simple to operate. It is double user password protected which makes it highly safe. However care should be taken to store it in a safe location/drive and inform your spouse / solicitor about the passwords and the location of the checklist.

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ABCAUS Excel Personal Affairs Checklist Secret Diary and Notebook Download

ABCAUS Excel Personal Affairs Checklist Diary Download

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