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Microsoft Word 2007- Change Default Line Spacing & Paragraph Space Settings

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                                                                               While working with a new Microsoft Office Word 2007 file, have
                                                                               you noticed that by default that there is more space between two
                                                                               lines in a paragraph and also more space  between two
                                                                               paragraphs  as compared to earlier versions of Microsoft Word like
                                                                               Word 2003?




You can visit paragraph settings by following Home > Paragraph
Shortcut Key is Alt+O+P
The paragraph settings box appears is as under

                                                                                  Note that in the default settings spacing is set to 10 points after
                                                                                  and Line spacing is set to multiple at 1.15

                                                                                  Particularly while you are trying to keep the text into one page
                                                                                  only, it is very frustrating to each time open the paragraph
                                                                                  settings and adjust the spacing and line spacing settings.

                                                                                 Changing the default paragraph Settings
                                                                                 However, the default settings for paragraph spacing can be
                                                                                 changed. The steps are as under:
                                                                                 1. Click Home Tab
                                                                                 2. Click Change Styles Tab under Style group
                                                                                 3. Open Style Set
                                                                                     Under Style Set, choose word 2003

                                                                                Changing the Settings Permanently
                                                                                Having changed the settings as above, if you wish to make this
                                                                                setting permanent for all new word documents, you can do so as

                                                                                Again navigate to;

                                                                                Home > Change Styles > Style Set
You will notice that the style "word 2003" is marked with a check 

                                                                                Leave the box checked and click "Set as default"


                                                                                                                         Now when you will open any word
                                                                                                                         document, it would have paragraph 
                                                                                                                         and line settings as per old word 2003.

word 2007 paragraph spacing

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