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PAHAL - Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumer (DBTL) Scheme was  launched in 54 districts on 15.11.2014. Will be expanded to rest of the country on 01-01-2015. List of District Covered/Proposed: Click Here >>

It Will cover 15.3 crore active LPG consumers of the country. It will be the biggest direct cash transfer scheme in the world. The Scheme aims to plug leakage in LPG subsidy due to diversion of subsidized LPG in commercial sector.

Main features of the DBTL Scheme:

1. Consumers must have a bank account to join the scheme

2. Those consumers who join the scheme, will get one time permanent advance of market price amount in their bank account for buying first LPG Cylinder.

3.  Subsidy shall be automatically transferred to the bank account of the consumers according to their entitlement to subsidized cylinders.

4. The entitlement to subsidized cylinders for those who does not join the scheme shall be:

- Subsidized Priced for three months from 15-11-2014 to 14-02-2015

- Market price for next three months, but the subsidy due will be given to them if they join the scheme within 3 months i.e. till 14-05-2015

5. from 15-05-2015 all LPG Consumers shall get cylinders at market price and only those who join the scheme will receive one time permanent advance and subsidy from the date of joining.

Steps to Join the scheme:

Aadhaar based Joining-DBTL-Option-1

Non-Aadhaar Based Joining- DBTL-Option-2

1- Linking Aadhaar Number to bank Account by Filling Form No. 1 Click Here >> and deposit in Bank Branch/ Drop Box at LPG Distributor (See List of Banks Covered Click Here >>

2. Link Your Aadhaar Number with your LPG Consumer Number in any one of the following ways :

- Submit Form 2 Click Here >> By Hand Delivery to LPG Distributor, or

- via Call Centre by Calling 1800-2333-555 and registering Aadhaar Number , or

Website-go to Aadhaar Seeding Application and submit the Aadhaar Seeding Application, or

- By Post by sending form-2 to LPG Distributor

- By IVRS/SMS Click Here >>



Submit Bank Account Details

Ensure that your bank accepts Method-1 Click Here >> , If not then open your account with the banks in the list.

Bank details can be submitted in Form-4 Click Here >>

(a) by handing over it to LPG Distributor, or

(b) Online Click Here >>


Submit 17 Digit LPG Consumer ID details in Form-3 Click Here >> to your Bank Branch

Ensure that your bank accepts Method-2 Click here >> else open your account with the banks in this list.

PAHAL - Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumer (DBTL) Scheme

PAHAL-Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumer (DBTL) Scheme. How to Register With or Without Aadhaar for Subsidy Transfer to Bank Account

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