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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has launched a mobile and web based applications for reporting lost article like mobile phones, passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar Card, other valuable documents etc. Using this mobile application, citizens of the state now lodge a report/complaint of  lost articles, without visiting the police station and they will be provided a digitally signed acknowledgement of the report which can be used as First Information Report FIR) for the article lost but remember that these applications are for reporting only those articles or things which are not a subject matter of enquiry/investigation. If you have lost an expensive mobile phone and want to get it recovered with the help of the police then don't use this app for regietering the report, instead visit cyber cell of police to lodge a proper FIR.

The steps required to lodge/report an online complaint/report are as under:

A. Go to the Web Site of Uttar Pradesh Police Click Here >>

B. Under Heading “Citizen Services” Click on the “Mobile APP” Button

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Lost Article Report Mobile Application Page directly Click Here >>

Users have the option to use either web based service or download the 
                                                          application on their mobiles for using mobile based application.


                                                       Procedure for using Web based Services are similar to as Mobile Application which
                                                       are detailed hereunder. If you want to visit the web based service Click Here >>

                                                       D. Procedure for using Mobile Application is as under:

1. Downloading the Application
Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Playstore Click Here >>

The Application uses the access to users location, SMS,
Photos/Media/Files, Wi-Fi Connection Information, Device ID and Call Information

2.  Registration
After installation, first time users are required to register themselves before
they can start using this app. Click on “New Users” Option.

For Registration, users are required to provide, name, Email ID and Mobile Number.  After Successful registration and each time of login, Four Digit One Time Password (OTP) shall be sent to the mobile number provided.

3. Login and Enabling the Location Service
After registration, the application shall start. However, the application requires that the users location service must be enabled in the mobile, if not users hall be prompted to enable location service. Kindly connect to a Wi-Fi internet to reduce data charges on enabling location service.

4. Reporting a lost Article:
After enabling the location service the user can start using the app.
To register a report, on the main menu, Click on Register Lost Report

4.1 Provide Personal Details:
The following personal details of the complainant are required: Name, Father/Husband/Guardian name, Address, Mobile No., Email ID

4.2 Provide Details of Occurrence
The following details are required regarding the place and time of loss of article /document (suggestive help given within the boxes)
Description/address of place of loss; Date and Time Interval (to be selected from calendar and clock given);  District (to be selected from the list); Police Station (to be selected from the list) Brief description of Place and Time of Loss of Article/Documents (e.g. I have lost my driving License while watching movie at Fun Mall, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow)

4.3 Provide Details of Lost Article/Document
To add the articles/documents click on + plus button under the tab Lost Article(s). 

Articles/documents are to be reported by selecting them from a comprehensive list of 26 items. If the article/documents lost are not mentioned specifically in the list, it can be reported under “Others” at serial 24. For those articles/documents covered in the list some specific information is also required. The complete list along with information required to be reported is as under:

Article/Document Reported

Information required to be given

Aadhaar card

Card No. and place of issue

Account Book

Bank A/c No., Bank Name

Admit card

Card No., Institution Name, Place of issue

ATM Card

Bank A/c No., Debit Card No.

Bank Draft

Bank A/c No., Bank Name, Place of issue


Electronic Serial No., Manufacturer, Colour


Bank A/c No., Bank Name, Place of issue


Electronic Serial No., Manufacturer, MAC No.

Credit Card

Bank A/c No., Credit Card No.

Debit Card

Bank A/c No., Debit Card No.

Driving License

DL No., Place of issue

Fixed Deposit Receipt

Bank A/c No.

Identity card

ID Card No., Place of issue


IMEI No., Manufacturer, Colour


IMEI No., Manufacturer, Colour


Electronic Serial Number, Manufacturer, Colour


IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer

PAN Card

PAN No., Place of issue

Pass Book

Bank A/c No.


Passport No., Place of issue

Ration Card

Ration card No., Place of issue


IMEI No., Mobile No., Manufacturer

Video camera

Electronic Serial Number, Manufacturer, Colour


Other Details

Institutional Documents

Document Name, Document ID, Place of issue

Voter ID card

Voter ID Card No., Place of issue

       Apart from the above specific details, a brief about lost article is required to be given (e.g. my PAN Card kept in a black leather pouch)

4.4  Register the Report
After adding the lost items, click on ‘Register Report Button’. After successful registration of the report, a unique lost article (L.A.) number will be allotted to your complaint.

4.5  Downloading the copy of Lost Article Report
Click on ‘View Registered Report’ and report lodged by you shall appear. Select the report to download. Each time a complaint is lodged, a copy of the Lost Article report is also sent to the email provided.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why this application has been developed?
Ans: Lodging of report of a lost article or document in a police station becomes manadatory sometimes as most of the authorities responsible for issuing duplicates insist on a police report of the lost item. Through this application a police report of any article lost in the state of Uttar Pradesh can be lodged through mobile phone or over the internet.
Q2. What to do when date and time of loss is not known?
Ans: On many occasions, the exact date and time of loss of an article or document is not known. In this case, the period starting from a particular date and time and ending on a date and time during which the article or document was lost may be entered.
Q3: What to do when exact location of loss of article/document is not known?
Ans: Many times, one loses an article or document during travel or become aware of loss after a long time, in which case exact location of los may not be known. In this case only enter those details which you know. If the district is known, then definitely specify it. Reports lodged of items lost outside U.P. have no legal sanctity whatsoever.
Q4: What steps are taken by police after information of lost article or document is entered?
Ans: The information of the lost item gets registered in an electronic format at State Crime record Bureau, Lucknow. No enquiry or investigation is conducted based on this.
Q5: What happens after information gets registered?
Ans: A digitally signed lost article report is generated and is sent on the users mobile phone and email-id.
Q6: What types of complaints can be lodged?
Only information of those articles or documents which get lost in Uttar Pradesh may be registered through this application. Reports lodged of items lost outside U.P. have no legal sanctity. For theft and other crimes please use dial 100 facility or contact your nearest police station or police picket.
Q7: What to do when after submitting my report no email confirmation is received?
Ans: You may have provided a wrong email address. Yo can access the report on your mobile by specifying the unique L.A. (Lost Article) number assigned for your report. You can also contact State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) Lucknow to check your report.
Q8: How is lost article report verified?
Anybody can verify the report by filling in unique L.A. number on U P Police website
Q9: I am a foreigner. Can I lodge a report using this application?
Ans: You can lodge police report through this application if you have lost or misplaced any article or document while in U.P.
Q10: Is any enquiry or investigation conducted by police after lodging a complaint through this app?
Ans: This is only an information to police based on which no enquiry or investigation is performed. The information so given gets registered as an electronic record for future reference and for any necessary action by any agency.
Q11: Is the report considered valid for issue of duplicate?
Ans: yes, the report is digitally signed and any authority may verify it online for issuing duplicate.
Q12: What action is taken if false report is lodged?
Ans: false information or complaint to the police is a punishable offence. If detected, the individual giving false information will be prosecuted under law.
Q13: Whether the printout of the report is to be submitted in any police station?
Ans: No
Q14: Whether report can be lodged for articles or documents lost outside U.P.?
Ans: No, as such reports have no legal sanctity whatsoever.
Q15: can the report be retrieved again after registering?
Ans: Yes, Click on “view registered report”
Q16: is a data connection mandatory?
Ans: Yes
Q17: What are the charges for downloading this app?
U.P. Police offers this mobile service free of charge to public. Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS or 3G data usage. Please check with your operator for data tariff and other details.
Q18: What provisions is made in the application to prevent unauthorized access to my report?
Ans: To access and retrieve a lost article information report from the UP Police website, the mobile number (or email-id) used to register the report and the unique L.A. number are to be entered together. If any of the one is missing no report can be accessed or downloaded.

Launch of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Police Android Mobile and Web Application for Reporting Lost Articles and Documents |25-01-2015|

UP Police the Lost Article Report Application
UP Police Lost Article App Google Playstore
UP Police Lost Article Mobile App
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