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As per media reports, in November, 2014, Whatsapp users in India has touched 70 million mark. Now the popular smart phone whatsapp messenger application can be accessed on windows based laptop or computers also with the help of google chrome browser. Please bear in mind that to install whatsapp on these (other than mobile phone) you have to have whatsapp installed at your mobile phone meaning thereby that this facility is available only as supplement to the mobile whatsapp users.

The steps required to install and use whatsaapp on a desktop computer or laptop etc are as under:

1.  Get the latest version of Google Chrome on the desktop, laptop or the tablet you want wahtsapp to install. Google Chrome is a freeware. To download it Click Here >>

2. Visit Google Playstore on your mobile phone to see that you have the latest update of Whatsapp installed, if not, update it on your mobile phone. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi data connection to reduce data charges.



3. After you have updated the whatsapp messenger as per step 3 above, you will need to pair your mobile phone with your computer. Pairing is done through a web based scanner as per following steps.

4. Open the whatsapp on your mobile phone, tap on the menu option and select WhatsApp Web


                                                   5. Click on “Ok Got It” Option to start the scanner

                                                  This would activate the scanner on your mobile phone.






6.  Use Google Chrome to open Whatsapp Web Official Website
on your computer Click Here >>





Now, Point out the Mobile phone scanner to Quick Response-QR Code at the web browser, hold it till the scanner keeps running and completes the scanning.

Watch Video on Whatsapp QR Code Scanning







8. As soo n as the scanning is finished, you the browser shall load the whatsapp and now you can use it from your computer.

As stated earlier, to use Whatsapp Messenger from laptop or desktop computer, you will need to have both mobile phone and computer connected to internet.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger on Windows computer or Laptop and Scan QR Code and Pair Mobile |23-01-2015|

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