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Many a times, I have noticed people struggling in installing NSDL Quarterly TDS Return Preparation Utility (RPU). Though an e-TDS RPU Setup Readme files comes along with the utility, it hardly give any help on how to handle with errors. Instead it merely suggests to contact system administrator in case of errors. 

For this reason alone, despite being free and a very useful and simple utility which can accommodate up to 20000 deductee records, lots of users switch to paid TDS return preparation software. 

Here, I am giving a short trouble shooting guide on how to install NSDL RPU correctly.

1. Downloading the NSDL Quarterly TDS RPU
Go to NSDL site and download the RPU version 4.4 or the latest one from the following link:

RPU Download link

2. Extract the files to a folder
After download, click on zipped self extractor file e_TDS_RPU_4.4.exe

Specify or write the location you want the folder "e- TDS RPU" to be extracted. If no path is defined by default it shall be extracted to the folder C:/e-TDS RPU

zip extract confirmation

3. Know your System Type:

For Windows XP
Click Start, then click on Run Start Search and type "msinfo32.exe" press enter key

For Windows 7
Click Start, Type "System Information" in Search Bar


system info search window xp

system information

Click on system information under Programs and note down your system type . It could either be x64 based PC or x86 based PC

windows xp sys info

system type windows7

4. Run the Batch File RPUSetup.bat
Go back to the folder where you had extracted files from e-TDS_RPU_4.4.exe. Right Click on file RPUSetup.bat and select run as administrator


Please note that the RPUSetup.bat file is a batch processing file that runs like a program. RPUSetup.bat registers certain ActiveX controls to Microsoft Register Server (Regsvr32)   in windows operating system

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Troubleshooting Guide for installation Errors of NSDL TDS-TCS RPU (Return Preparation Utility) | 28-08-2013 | | CA Ashutosh Lohani |

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