MCA 21 Fee Refund Application e-Form Download

MCA 21 Fee Refund Application e-Form

MCA Fee Refund form

After FAQ on Fee Refund, The MCA has also released e-form for claiming refund of wrongly paid ROC Fee.

Purpose of the eForm
The user is required to make various payments to avail MCA21 services. A number of instances have been observed where the users make multiple payments or incorrect payment or excess payment while using these services. In order to allow the stakeholders to claim refund of such payments, refund process has been introduced by MCA for both Companies and LLPs.

Instructions to fill the eForm Refund at Field Level

  • There is no fee for filing Refund form.
  • In case reason for refund is other than ‘Incorrect Payment via NeFT’:
  • Refund form can be filed only if payment status of the transaction for which refund is sought is ‘PAID’.
  • Refund form can be filed only for claiming refund of MCA21 service fees. Refund form cannot be filed for claiming refund of any stamp duty paid electronically through MCA21 system. For refund of stamp duty, you are requested to contact the concerned state/ union territory in respect of which stamp duty has been paid. Refund of stamp duty, if any, will be processed by the respective state/ union territory government in accordance with the rules and procedures as per the state/ union territory Stamp Act.
  • Refund form cannot be filed for the following services/ eForms: Public Inspection of documents, Request for Certified Copies, Stamp duty fee (D/E series SRN)
  • The refund form is to be filed within the stipulated time period. Also,Filing of refund form shall not be allowed after expiry of 1095 days of filing of the original request. The following is the time slab for filing refund form and the corresponding deduction in refund amount:
    Time within which refund application is made Default value for deduction
    0-90 days 2.5%
    91-180 days 5%
    181-270 days 7.5%
    271-365 days 10%
    >365 days 25%

    For computing the above time limits, the time shall start as under:
    i. Refund claimed for SRN generated till 30/04/2011 (other than cases specifically mentioned below): From 01/05/2011
    ii. Refund claimed for Incorrect payments via NEFT: From 22/06/2012
    iii. Refund claimed for multiple payments in case of Form 1 or Form 5 filed under CoA 1956 wherein corresponding other Form INC-7 or SH-7 is filed under CoA 2013: From date of implementation of the amended refund process in the system
    iv. Refund claimed for payments made for Forms filed under LLP Act 2008: From date of implementation of the amended refund process in the system or SRN generation date whichever is later.
    v. Refund claimed for payments made for Forms filed under CoA 2013: From date of implementation of the amended refund process in the system or SRN generation date whichever is later.
    vi. Refund claimed for payments pertaining to CLB or other regulatory authorities: From date of implementation of the amended refund process in the system or SRN generation date whichever is later.
    vii. Refund claimed for other cases: From SRN (for which refund request is made) generation date

For refund of fee paid via NEFT, there won’t be any deduction. However, limit of 1095 days as provided above shall be applicable.

In case reason for refund is ‘Incorrect Payment via NeFT

  • Refund can be sought only in respect of UTNs (Unique Transaction Number) generated before implementation of revised NeFT process i.e. 22nd June 2012.
  • Refund form in case of NeFT payments can be filed for following options:
  • Payment of stamp duty fee into account identified for MCA filing fee.
  • Payment of MCA filing fee into account identified for stamp duty fee.
  • Payment after the expiry date of SRN.
  • Single consolidated payment for multiple SRNs.
  • Excess payment than the amount mentioned by MCA21 system.
  • Less payment than the amount mentioned by MCA21 system.
  • Payment made without generating any SRNs

For such cases, the following process is to be followed:

  • User needs to link the SRN for which refund is sought with the UTN through service ‘Link NeFT payment’ on the MCA21 portal.
  • Restriction of (i) linking of SRN with the UTN within 2 days from the date of reporting by the bank and (ii) date of payment as per the bank file shall be on or before expiry date of SRN shall not be applicable in this case.
  • In case reason for NeFT refund is ‘Single consolidated payment for multiple SRNs or ‘Excess payment than the amount mentioned by MCA21 system’ or ‘Less payment than the amount mentioned by MCA21 system’ or ‘Payment made without generating any SRNs’, then user is required to generate SRN of ‘Pay Misce llaneous Fee’ facility available on the MCA21 portal using ‘Individual’ option. Payment mode should be selected as ‘NeFT ’. SRN generated should be of the same amount as amount paid through NeFT for which refund is sought
  • Thereafter, this SRN of ‘Pay Miscellaneous Fee’ should be linked with the UTN instead of the original SRN(s).
  • After successful validations applicable to linking UTN, following confirmation message shall be displayed to the user with the option ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.
    “Upon submission, the status of SRN shall change to “Mark ed for Refund” and you will have to file Refund form for claiming the refund of amount paid. Do you want to proceed?” In case ‘Yes’ is selected, the SRN will be linked with the UTN and the status of SRN shall be changed to ‘Marked for refund’.
  • Upon linking of the SRN with the UTN, the status of the SRN shall be changed to ‘Marked for Refund’. No work item for such SRNs shall be created. Thereafter, user is required to file Refund Form for claiming the refund.
  • Refund for “D” series challan shall also be allowed if linked with unlinked UTN generated before 22 June 2012 through NeFT payment.

Common Instructions to fill eForm

Buttons Particulars

The Pre -fill button can appear more than once in an eForm.The button appears next to a field that can be automatically filled using the MCA database.

Click this button to populate the field.

Note : You are required to be connected to the Internet to use the Pre – fill functionality.


Click this document to browse and select a document that needs to be attached to the eForm. All the attachments should be scanned in pdf format. You have to click the attach button corresponding to the document you are making an attachment.

In case you wish to attach any other document, please click the optional attach button.

Remove Attachment

You can view the attachments added to the eForm in the List of attachment field.

To remove any attachment from the eForm, select the attachment in the List of attachme nt field and click the Re move attachme nt button.

Check Form

1.    Click the Check Form button after, filling the eForm. System performs form level validation like checking if all mandatory fields are  filled.  System  displays  the  errors  and  provides  you  an opportunity to correct errors.
2.    Correct the highlighted errors.
3.    Click the Che ck Form button again and. system will perform form level validation once again. On successful validations, a message is displayed “ Form level pre scrutiny is successful”.

Note :  The  Check  Form  functionality  does  not  require  Internet connectivity.


The Modify button is enabled, after you have checked the eForm using the Check Form button.

T o make changes to the filled and checked form:
1.    Click the Modify button.
2.    Make the changes to the filled eForm.
3.    Click the Che ck Form button to check the eForm again.

Pre scrutiny

1.  After checking the eForm, click the Pre scrutiny button. System performs some checks and displays errors, if any.
2.  Correct the errors.
3. Click the Pre scrutiny button again. If there are no errors, a message is displayed “ No errors found.”

The Pre scrutiny functionality requires Internet Connectivity. Please attach signatures before clicking on Prescrutiny

Submit This button is disabled at present

Download e-form With Instruction Kit Click Here >>


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