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invitation to authorsABCAUS (abcaus.ingladly invite Authors to be a part of it and get their articles and utilities published on our website.  Desirous authors can mail their article to us and ABCAUS will publish the same with all the due credit to them.

1. Articles and/or utilities on the subjects related to taxation, corporate matters, professional interest, finance and accounts, auditing, judicial pronouncements, careers etc. are invited for publication on the ABCAUS website (i.e.,

2. The article/utilities must be original contribution of the author.

3. The article/utility must be an exclusive contribution for the ABCAUS website

4. The article/utility must not have been published elsewhere, and must not have been or must not be sent elsewhere for publication in the same or substantially the same form.

5. The article should ordinarily have 2500 to 4000 words. A longer article may be considered if the subject so warrants.

6. The article must carry the name(s) of the author(s) on the title page only and nowhere else.

7. The articles/utilities go through blind review and are assessed on the parameters such as
(a) relevance and usefulness of the article (from the point of view of company secretaries),
(b) organization of the article (structuring, sequencing, construction, flow, etc.),
(c) depth of the discussion,
(d) persuasive strength of the article (idea/argument/articulation),
(e) does the article say something new and is it thought provoking, and
(f) adequacy of reference, source acknowledgement and bibliography, etc.

8. The copyright of the articles/utilities, if published, shall vest with the ABCAUS website.

9. The of website has the sole discretion to accept/reject an article/utility for publication on the website or to publish it with modification and editing, as it considers appropriate.

10.The article/utility shall be accompanied by a ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’ from the author(s) strictly in the following format:


1. I, Shri/Ms./Dr./Prof.………………………….., declare that I have read and understood the ABCAUS Guidelines for Authors.

2. I affirm that:

a. the article/utility titled “…………………………………………….” is my original contribution and does not infringe copyright of any person/institution, etc. and no portion of it has been adopted from any other source. In case of any aforesaid infringement, I shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages in this regard;

b. this article/utility is an exclusive contribution for ABCAUS website and has not been / nor would be sent elsewhere for publication; and

c. the copyright in respect of this article/utility, if published in ABCAUS website shall vest with the

d. the views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the ABCAUS website or the Editor of the website.

3. I undertake that I:

a. comply with the guidelines for authors,

b. shall abide by all the decisions of the ABCAUS website , i.e., whether this article/utility will be published and / or will be published with modification / editing.

c. shall be entirely liable for any breach of this ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’.


Email articles and utilities to for publication on ABCAUS website with “article for publication” as a subject line.

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