NSDL latest e-TDS TCS RPU Version 5.1 and FVU 8.6 applicable from 19.04.2024 – Download

NSDL latest e-TDS TCS Return Preparation Utility (RPU) Version 5.1 from FY 2007-08

NSDL has revised the e-TDS TCS RPU utility for preparing of TDS/TCS returns.

e-TDS/TCS RPU version 5.1 for Statement(s) from FY 2007-08 onwards has been released. Also e-TDS/TCS File validation utility (FVU) versions 2.182 for FY 2007-08 to FY 2009-10 and 8.6 for FY 2010-11 onwards has been released. 

NSDL latest e-TDS TCS RPU Version 5.1


e-TDS/TCS Return Preparation Utility Ver. 5.1 for Regular & Correction quarterly e-TDS/TCS statements from FY 2007-08  This version of RPU is applicable with effect from 19th April 2024 and onwards.

What is new features of RPU version 5.1

It allows value under field “Total deductions under section 16(ia)” for deductee records where option under the field “Whether opting for taxation u/s 115BAC? OR Whether opting out from taxation u/s 115BAC(1A) [Yes/No]” is selected as “No” under Annexure II of Form 24Q-Q4 statements.

Download RPU version 5.1 >>

Download Protean e-Gov RPU_e-Tutorial (Version 1.7) >>

File Validation Utility (FVU) version 8.6

FVU v 8.6 is applicable from 19.04.2024 for TDS/TCS statements pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards and FVU version 2.181 (applicable for TDS/TCS statements from FY 2007-08 up to FY 2009-10) w.e.f. 01.03.2024

FVU for quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement up to FY 2009-10

e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe (Version 2.182) >>

New Features/Validation >>

Note: Please download and replace the existing folders with the latest version of FVU and RPU folders available at TIN website. Replacing only the FVU Jar file in the old folder may lead to the rejection of statement at the time of submission of the file

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