Excel Income Tax TDS Challan ITNS-281 with database Option for AY 2025-26 Version 1.6

Excel Income Tax TDS Challan ITNS-281 version 1.6 for AY 2025-26 with database facility 

Income Tax Challan ITNS 281 is used for payment of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) or Tax Collected at Source (TCS). A PDF version of the challan with instructions can be downloaded from income tax website at the following link  

This excel based auto Challan ITNS 281 should be used for deposit of  Tax Deducted  at Source (TDS) on any heads of income or for deposit of Tax Collected at Source (TCS) by both companies (company deductees) or by others deductees (non company deductee)

This challan should not be used for deposit of self assessment tax for which a separate excel ITNS 280 Utility has been provided.

excel tds challan itns 281

Type of payments  covered by ITNS 281 Challan are as under:

(a) TDS /TCS  payable by Taxpayer
(b) TDS/TCS Regular Assessment Demand

A separate challan should be used for each type of payment by ticking the appropriate box in the challan.

Apart from the above, the relevant code for the nature of payment is also required to be correctly filled.

You are required to fill the TAN, Assessment Year, Amount, Cheques details (other than cash) etc.

After the challan is paid to the bank, make sure that the counterfoil contains seven digit BSR Code of the bank branch, date of deposit and five digit challan serial number.

ABCAUS excel based auto TDS/ TCS Challan ITNS 281 is very simple and user friendly. The user is required to fill the data in a pop up form and challan form in excel is updated automatically.

See ABCAUS Excel TDS Challan ITNS-281 Video Tutorial:

ABCAUS Excel Income Tax TDS Challan ITNS-281 Version 1.5.1 have an inbuilt database facility to add multiple assessee’s records and save them so that users don’t have to feed repetitive information for the next time for generating a subsequent challan for the same assessee. Also while creating the database there is an inbuilt TAN Structure check to alert for a wrong TAN structure being saved in database. Howver extreme care should be taken to ensure that the TAN should not only be structurally valid but should be an existing one that actually belongs to the assessee concerned.

On the request of the users, an option to unprotect database sheet to fill the information directly in the cells have been provided in this version. However users should exercise extreme caution that only correct PAN is filled.

List of various codes have also been made available in a popup box. Also the challan has been updated to provide for option to specify payment of late fee under section 234E.

Users are not required to give blank spaces while filling the pop up Challan form. Dropdown list for various options and check boxes have been provided to save the time of the user.

Please read the Challan ITNS 281 help file before start using it 

Macro should be enabled to use this form. Users are advised to read help file first. In case users are not aware of how to enable macros, they can download a help file

Download ABCAUS Excel Challan ITNS 281 >>

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