NFRA hiring Chartered Accountants as professionals on contractual basis

NFRA hiring Chartered Accountants as professionals on contractual basis

National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) is to engage Chartered Accountants on a contractual basis. The number of likely positions to be filled up is nine (9) which may however be increased or decreased based on the requirement of NFRA.

Details of eligibility & terms and conditions of engagement are as follows.

Eligibility :

i. The candidate should be a qualified Chartered Accountant 

ii. He/she should have minimum two years of experience post passing his/her final examination, as on the date of receipt of application. Candidates with greater experience would be given preference.

iii. He/she should have good communication skills, both written and oral.

iv. Experience in conducting/ participating in audits of large or listed companies is desirable,

Terms & Conditions of Appointment:

i. The selected candidates shall not practice as Chartered Accountants during the period of their contact with NFRA and will have to surrender certificate of practice (CoP) before joining NFRA. At the time of joining the Authority, such candidates shall produce proof of having their Certificate of Practice, suspended or surrendered.

ii. Selected candidates would be engaged on full-time basis for an initial period of I (one) year and accordingly such candidates will not be allowed to take up any other assignment during the period of engagement with the Authority. On completion of the year, the performance of the professionals will be evaluated by the competent authority and their contracts may be extended for another year, usually upto a maximum period of three years from initial engagement.

iii. The place of posting will be at New Delhi and selected candidates will work under the guidance and supervision of officers of the Authority.

iv. The selected candidates would be assigned tasks, at the discretion of the NFRA, as per requirement from time to time, which may include but will not be limited to areas such as preparation of inspection and training manuals, conduct of audit quality reviews, review of company financial statements, inspection of complaints, financial reporting quality review, database for NFRA, Court Cases, etc.

v. For new engagements as professionals, remuneration will be fixed at Rs.45000/- (per month) for the first year, Rs.50000/- (per month) for the second year, and Rs. 60000/- (per month) for the third year (if extension of engagement is given).

vi. During the period of assignment with the Authority, it is likely that selected candidates may come across certain information of important/secret nature. No information which would be available with or gathered by selected candidates during the period of their assignment with the Authority will be divulged to anyone in any manner. All the selected candidates will have to provide declaration of fidelity and secrecy certified as prescribed by NFRA.

vii. At the time of leaving / relieving from NFRA, selected candidates would return back all materials and files / data:/ emails, passwords and any other information in any manner paper or soft copy, etc. in their possession and such candidates would be required to sign an undertaking in the prescribed format that they will not divulge any information that they have come across while working in NFRA to anyone in any manner whatsoever, at any time even after leaving NFRA.

viii. No TA/ DA will be given to the candidates for attending the interviews, if held, or towards expenditure incurred to join the Authority.

ix. Selected candidate will be entitled to eight (08) days’ leave in a year i.e., the normal period of contract, on pro-rata basis. Any leave can be availed only with prior written permission of the competent authority. No remuneration will be admissible for absence beyond 8 days in a year, i. e., during the period of contract. However, absence upto one month may be considered without remuneration. In exceptional cases, for professional development, training, etc. this condition may be relaxed by the Competent Authority. Further, un-availed leave during the contract year shall not be carried forward, even in the event that contract period of the selected candidate is extended beyond a year.

x. The assignment is purely on contract basis and will not confer any right for permanent absorption or appointment on regular basis in the Authority or Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

xi. The engagement of the selected candidate may be terminated by NFRA by giving a 30 days’ notice in case of the following eventualities-

a. The selected candidate is unable to address the assigned works.

b. Quality of work performed is not to satisfaction of NFRA.

c. The selected candidate fails in timely achievements of the worked plan.

d. The selected candidate is found lacking in honesty and integrity.

xii. The selected candidate may also terminate the engagement by serving a notice period of 30 days or one month remuneration in lieu thereof.

xiii. The engagement will subject to MCA letter No. NFRA-05/1/2021-Comp-MCA dated 14.9.21 (copy attached) and any other terms and conditions of MCA/NFRA.

The application is to be made in the prescribed format. The last date for receipt of applications is 30 days from 17.11.2021.

All application should be addressed to the Assistant Manager (Establishment) and sent by post/courier, etc. in an envelope superscribing “APPLICATION FOR PROFESSIONAL IN NFRA”, to the following address

National Financial Reporting Authority,
7th Floor, HT House,
18-20, KG Marg,
New Delhi – 110001

Applications should also be sent by email [on the email-id:].

All applications should invariably contain the following (in the specified order) :

i. Application format duly filled in;

ii. Index of the documents;

iii. Copy of supporting documents as required vide this Circular;

iv. Each page of application including supporting documents duly signed and numbered;

v. For copy of application sent via email, the entire application as in paras 7(i) to 7(iv) above should be scanned and saved as a single pdf and sent to email id as stated in para 2 above. The subject of the email should be “Application for the post of Professional in NFRA from (name of the applicant)”.

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