Clarification-Validity Renewal Registration under FCRA 2010. Applicants whose validity was not extended to 31-10-2016 may apply as per FCRA 2010 provisions

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
Foreigners Division (FCRA Wing)

NDCC -II Building, Jai Singh Road,
New Delhi-110001

Dated 29th June,2016


Subject: Clarification on Validity and Renewal of Registration under FCRA, 2010

As notified vide order dated 29 March, 2016, the validity of the registration certificates of all associations whose registration certificates are expiring on or before 30th September, 2016 was extended upto 31st October, 2016. Time for applying for renewal of registration certificate of such applicants was also extended upto 30th June, 2016. It may be noted that this notice relates only to those applicants whose validity of registration certificate has been extended upto 31st October, 2016. However, remaining applicants may apply as per provisions of FCRA 2010.

Director (FCRA)
Tel. No. 23438035

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