Income Tax Return ITR Statistics Assessment Year 2012-13 by Income Tax Department

Income Tax Department Income Tax Return Statistics/Analysis Assessment Year 2012-13

 Income Tax Department has released Statistics of Income Tax Return for AY 2012-13 for wider use and analysis by Departmental personnel and academicians.

The data has been divided into following categories:

  1. Income Tax Returns – All Taxpayer
  2. Income Tax Returns – Individuals
  3. Income Tax Returns – HUF
  4. Income Tax Returns – Firms
  5. Income Tax Returns – AOP/BOI
  6. Income Tax Returns – Company
  7. Type of Business – Corporate and Non- corporate Taxpayers

Heads of Income-wise Analysis
All the above 1 to 6 categories have further been analysed:

Range of Salary Income
Range of House Property Income
Range of Business Income
Range of Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG)
Range of Short Term Capital Gains (STCG)
Range of Other Sources Income
Range of Interest Income
Range of Brought Forward Loss Set Off
Range of Returned Income
Range of Tax Payable.

Some of the Highlights of the Statistics are as under:
Highest Contributors except zero income under major heads of income are as under:

  Income Range % of ITR % of Net Income
Range of Salary Income >10,00,000 3.49 37.70
Range of House Property Income >10,00,000 0.167 45.56
Range of Business Income >100,00,00,000 0.146 66.84
Range of Interest Income >0 and <=1,50,000 16.95 15.52

The data reveals that tax revenue is heavily dependent on high income groups except for interest income where low income group contributes in a ratio proportionate to ITRs. However we must bear in mind that the data relates to AY 2012-13 which is approx dates back to four years from now during last four years a lot of awareness has been spread by the ITD among common man on the pro and cons of filing ITRS.

It can be hoped that the data for the onward assessment years would show more participation and contribution by the low income groups meaning thereby that the Government has been successful in sensitizing the masses in contributing to the nation by paying their taxes.

Full ITR Statistics Assessment Year 2012-13
Download Full ITR Statistics Assessment Year 2012-13

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