Launch of ITBA Refund Banker Module-Refund Blocking/Unblocking & Revalidation Functions

Launch of ITBA Refund Banker Module-Refund Blocking/ Unblocking and Revalidation Functions

ITBA- Refund Banker Instruction No.1

ARA Center, Ground Floor, E-2, Jhandewalan Extension,
New Delhi -110055

F.N Pr DGIT(S)/ADG(S)2/Sign ff-OLTAS ITBA/173/2017

Dated:  07.08.2019

All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/ CCsIT (By Name)
All Principal Director General oflncome Tax / DGsIT (By Name)
All Principal Commissioner of Income-tax/CsIT/CsIT (Admin  & CO) (By Name)

Sir/Madam ,

Subject: Launch of Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) – Refund Banker Module – Reg.

Kindly refer to the above. The functionalities for Refund Blocking/ Unblocking, Refund Revalidation and Refund Status in Refund Banker Module are available in Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) as per the following details:

2. Refund Banker Module  can  be accessed  in  ITBA  by  entering  the  following URL in the browser:  https://itba.incometax.goin

The path for the same is: ITBA Portal > Login > Modules > Refund Banker

3. The following facilities are available in Refund Banker Module:

  • Refund Blocking– Refunds generated in ITBA with status ‘Unpaid’ can be blocked in Refund Banker. The blocking of refund can be done by the Assessing officer (AO) for following reasons:
    • Refund already issued
    • Suspicious refund
    • On Assessee request
    • Wrong Bank details
    • Outstanding  demand
    • Others
  • Refund Unblocking -All such blocked refunds can be unblocked in the system by the AO by taking approval of the Range Head.

  • Refund Revalidation – Refund Revalidation request can be initiated for Refunds with status ‘Unpaid’ or Blocked refunds . Approval from Range head is required in this Following are the reasons of Refund Revalidation:
    • Expired Cheque
    • Incorrect Account Number
    • Advice Missing
    • Cheque Lost in transit
      Incorrect Address
    • Update Legal Heir details

4. Following are the steps to be followed by user for Refund Blocking/Unblocking and Revalidation functionalities:

(a) User selects Action type -Block, Unblock or Revalidate and search the refunds.

(b) User can select reason for blocking/unblocking and revalidation and submit the request.

(c) In Unblocking and Revalidation of refund s, Range approval is After approval/rejection of request, the same is shared with CPC-ITR.

(d) Facility to update taxpayer’s Bank details and Address details is also provided in case of Refund Unblocking and Refund Revalidation.

5. Refund Status -Refund Status screen is available to user for checking the current status of Refunds in Statuses include Paid , Unpaid, Blocked, Sent to Refund Banker and Pending.

User can access this screen from Menu and can search the status of refunds by entering the search criteria. User can also list out the refunds based on common status.

6. Refund Approval functionality is already live for refunds determined in relevant modules (ITR, Assessment , rectification, Penalty, Manual Order upload).

7. Training material including user manual , help content and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available on the Refund Banker Module Home Page and on ITBA Portal Online Training on ITBA. Users can refer to these documents in case of any issues.

8. Users are advised to contact helpdesk in case of any issues in respect of the ITBA.

(a) URL of helpdesk-
(b) Help desk number- 0120-2811200
(c) Email ID-
(d) Help desk Timings- 30 A.M. – 8.30 P.M. (Monday to Friday)

9. This issues with the approval of Pr DGIT(S).

Yours faithfully,

(Sanjev Singh)
Addl Director General (Systems) -2

Download ITBA Instruction No. 1/2019 Click Here >>

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