RBI Award scheme for writing books in Hindi on Economics/Banking/Financial subjects

Reserve Bank of India has launched an ‘Award scheme for writing books originally in Hindi on Economics/Banking/Financial subjects.

The object of this scheme is to encourage original writings and research in Banking Hindi. A similar award scheme was also launched in 2018.

Under this scheme, working/retired Professors (including Assistant and Associates, etc.) of UGC recognized Indian Universities may be awarded three prizes of ₹ 1,25,000.00 each for writing books originally in Hindi on Economics/Banking/Financial subjects.

Details of scheme are as under:

Award scheme for writing books originally in Hindi on Economics/Banking/Financial subjects – Invitation for Nominations

The criteria for inviting nominations are as under:-

(a) Working/Retired Professors (including Assistant and Associate etc.) of Indian Universities (UGC recognized), who have written at least one book of minimum 200 pages originally in Hindi on Economic/Banking/Finance subject, will be eligible for this award.

(b) The book written on subjects included in para (a) above published during 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 will be considered for the award.

(c) The author awarded for 2 consecutive years will be in the cooling period for the third year. In the fourth year, he will be again eligible to participate in the scheme.

Evaluation Committee:
(a) Two (2) Professors of Economics/Banking/Finance and one (1) of Hindi Literature/Linguistics from universities. The senior most Professor will be the Chairman.

(b) General Manager, Rajbhasha Vibhag, CO, RBI will be the Member Secretary of the Committee.

(c) Rajbhasha Vibhag, CO, RBI will function as Secretariat for the Committee.

Assessment Procedure:
(a) Books received from applicants will be forwarded to the Chairman and Committee Members for consideration.

(b) Professors of Economics/Banking/Financial Sector will examine the contents of the books and professor of Hindi Literature/Linguistics will examine the language and style.

(c) Weightage for contents will be 60% and weightage for language and style will be 40%.

Number of awards: Maximum three (3)

Prize amount: ₹1,25,000.00 (Rupees one lakh twenty-five thousand only) each

All Professors willing to participate in the scheme are requested to submit their nominations along with 5 copies of each book latest by November 30, 2021 by 05 PM in the prescribed proforma to:
Chief General Manager,
Reserve Bank of India,
Rajbhasha Vibhag, Central Office,
C-9, 8th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Mumbai – 400 051
Delayed/incomplete nominations will not be entertained. Decision taken for award will be displayed on Bank’s website www.rbi.org.in and winners will also be intimated individually. No further direct correspondence will be entertained from the applicants in this regard.
Winners will be awarded in the Annual Rajbhasha Prize Distrbution Function organised by the Reserve Bank of India.
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