The Actuaries (Election to the Council) Rules 2021 notified by the Finance Ministry

The Actuaries (Election to the Council) Rules 2021 notified by the Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry has notified the Actuaries (Election to the Council) Rules, 2021 w.e.f. 3rd June 2021. These rules have been issued in supersession of the Actuaries (Election to the Council) Rules, 2008.

The Actuaries (Election to the Council) Rules 2021 

The Returning Officer shall conduct the elections in accordance with these rules. The Returning Officer may assign any of his duties to be performed under these rules to an Assistant Returning Officer

A member whose name is borne on the register of the Institute of Actuaries of India on the first day of April of the financial year in which the election to the Council is to be held, shall be eligible to vote in the election

Subject to the prescribed ineligibilities, a fellow member on the first day of April of the financial year in which an election is to be held and whose name continues to be borne on the register on the last date of scrutiny of nominations shall be eligible to contest election to the Council.

It has been provided that the election of members to the Council shall be held by through postal ballot or by electronic means or both to be decided by the Council.

The Council shall fix the date of the various stages of election including date on which user login and password shall be sent to the voters for voting by electronic means, the date and time of commencement of voting through electronic means and the date and time of end of voting through electronic means.

The agency providing secured electronic voting platform shall ensure that the process for electronic voting is explained in the electronic voting platform along with a list of frequently asked questions and responses thereto, and shall also ensure that all information, forms, list of members etc. are displayed prominently on the electronic voting platform.

After the closure of voting period, the agency shall provide to the Returning Officer a system-generated report containing member-wise details of the votes polled, which shall be verified against the list of eligible voters.

The Returning Officer shall publish a list of voters eligible to vote before forty-five days of the last date fixed for receipt of nominations. Any mistake can be rectified by issuing a corrigendum.

With a view to maintain a healthy and peaceful atmosphere during the election process for ensuring a free and fair election, the Returning Officer shall issue a Code of Conduct for Election, approved by the Council, before publishing the dates fixed for the election , and shall place the same on the web page and the bulletin board of the Institute.

The decision of the Returning Officer on all matters pertaining to conduct of election and the procedure followed shall be final unless otherwise specified in the Rules.

Disciplinary action shall be initiated against the member and he/she shall be deemed to have brought disrepute to the Institute for violation of the conduct of election.

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