CBDT issues Income Tax Central Action Plan 2018-19. 1250000 new return filers to be added

CBDT issues Income Tax Central Action Plan 2018-19. 1250000 new return filers to be added

The CBDT has issued the Central Action Plan (CAP) for 2018-19. The Action Plan lays down the deliverables, action points and time-lines in respect of Key Result Areas of the Income Tax  Department for the current year.

According to Shri Sushil Chandra, Chairman CBDT, the focus areas for the current year are litigation management, liquidation of arrears of taxes, widening  of tax base and strengthening compliance and enforcement functions.

This Action Plan for 2018-19 follows the basic structure of CAP for 2017-18 and seeks to consolidate the achievements made, while re-emphasising priorities within the framework of the overall Vision.

CAP 2018-19 also focuses on Widening of Tax Base. Targets set for various key result areas have been re-calibrated in the light of experience gained and specific targets and strategies in the focus areas have been prescribed in the Action Plan.

The main highlights/targets set out in the CAP 2018-19 are as under:

1. Reduction in arrear demand at 40 % of the total demand as on 01.04.2018. It also include a distinct and independent target of Rs. 68885/- for cash collection.

2. Targets and norms have been set in respect of percentage disposal of appeals pending with CIT (A) in each PCCIT Region based on demand involve and minimum number of appeals also.

3. For Litigation in courts/ITAT, 31/08/2018 has been fixed as deadline for preparation of written submissions.

4. A maximum 30 days timelines has been prescribed for disposal/resolution of grievances.

5. Various cut off dates have been prescribed for Assessment Units in the area of assessment work, Recovery / Reduction of Demand, Arrear Demand Reporting, audit, Prosecution and compounding etc. Assessments in limited scrutiny category are to be completed preferably by 31.10.2018 in accordance with Boards Instructions. A minimum of 15 % of non-time-barring assessments are to be completed during the current year.

6. With a view of widening tax base, a target of 1,25,00,000 has been fixed for adding new filers has been set.

7. Verification of high risk remittance data culled from Forms 15CA/CB for FY 2017-18 and initiation of action by 31.12.2018.

8. Each AO in charge of TDS to carry out at least 10 surveys or spot verifications during the year.

9. For Tax Deducted at Source, time frames have been prescribed for key result areas, (i.e. compliance by Govt. Deductors, Collection and reduction of demand, Enforcement Action etc.)

10. Identification of at least 10 potential cases per AO for prosecution for default in TDS compliances.

11. Action on information of TDS Defaulters available in 3CD Reports

12. Two inspection/ surveys to be conducted to determine the correctness of filing and ensuring filing of SFT statements by all persons required to do so.

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