22 Transfers postings (Local Change) in the grade of Pr. CCIT/Pr. DGIT/CCIT/DG of Income-tax

22 Transfers postings (Local Change) in the grade of Pr. CCIT/Pr. DGIT/Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/Director Generals of Income-tax

F.No. A-32011/1/2018-Ad -VI
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
(Central Board of Direct Taxes)

North Block, New Delhi -110 001
Dated:  31.08.2018

Office Order No. 146 of 2018

The following transfers/postings (Local Change) in the grade of Pr. Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/Pr. Director Generals of  Income-tax/Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/Director Generals of Income-tax are hereby ordered, with immediate effect and until further orders:

Sl.No Civil Code Name   Shri/Smt./Ms. From To
1 84045 RASHMI SAXENA SAHNI CCIT-9, Delhi CCIT-2, Delhi
2 85002 HIMALINI  KASHYAP CCIT-3, Delhi CCIT-(C)  Delhi
3 84061 SURINDER JIT SINGH CCIT(OSD) , Delhi CCIT-5, Delhi
4 85056 VIRENDRA  SINGH DGIT (Risk Assessment), Delhi CCIT-6, Delhi
5 83048 BINOD KUMAR CCIT-7 Delhi CCIT-3, Delhi
6 85041 GEETMALA MOHANANEY CCIT-6, Delhi CCIT-8, Delhi
7 84011 SHAMBHU DUTT JHA CCIT (Exemptions) Delhi CCIT-7 Delhi
8 85027 HARISH KUMAR CCIT(OSD), Delhi DGIT(Inv .), Delhi
9 84047 ALKA  TYAGI CCIT-7, Mumbai CCIT-2, Mumbai
10 85028 BHARATENDU PRATAP SINGH CCIT-9, Mumbai CCIT-3, Mumbai
11 85008 SASEEKALA NAIR CCIT-8 , Mumbai CCIT-4, Mumbai
12 85033 GADI VENUGOPALA RAO CCIT-10, Mumbai CCIT-5, Mumbai
13 85034 ANU J. SINGH CCIT-11, Mumbai CCIT-8, Mumbai
14 84013 KISHORE KUMAR VYAWAHARE CCIT-4, Mumbai DGIT(Inv.), Mumbai

2. In addition to the Local Changes, the following officers shall also hold the additional charge of the post(s), mentioned against their names, in addition to their substantive charge/additional charge(s), being held by them, with immediate effect and until  further orders:

Sl No. Civil Code Name Shri/Smt./Ms. Addl. Cbarges to be beld
1 82005 A  K JAISWAL CCIT, Rajkot
2 83004 BINAY KUMAR JHA CCIT, Amritsar
3 83009 SUSHIL KHUMAR CCIT-1, Chennai
4 83021 SP CHAUDHURY CCIT, Hyderabad
6 83026 SEEMA KHORANA PATRA CCIT- 1 , Kolkata
7 83029 ASHA AGGARWAL Pr. CCIT, Nagpur
8 83036 BISWANATH JHA DGIT (Inv.), Hyderabad
9 83039 GIRISH D CHANDORKAR CCIT , Thiruvananthapuram
10 83040 BALAKRISHNAN  B R CCIT-1, Bengaluru & DGIT (Inv.) , Bengaluru
11 83077 LOVE CHANDRA JOSHI RANEE CCIT-2, Kolkata & CCIT-3, Kolkata
12 84005 RAJANI  KANT GUPTA CCIT, Dehradun
13 84012 SATISH KUMAR GU PTA DGIT (Inv.), Bhopal
15 84019 PRAVEEN  KUMAR CCIT, Bareilly
16 84031 SONALI  ARORA CCIT, Shimla
17 84032 ANURADHA BHATIA CCIT-10,  Mumbai
20 85034 ANU J . SINGH CCIT- 11, Mumbai
21 85053 ANUJA  SARANGI CCIT-7,  Mumbai
22 85057 KAN A RAM MEGHWAL CCIT-4, Kolkata

The officers assigned to hold additional charge shall not be eligible for any claim to additional remuneration under the provision of FR-49

2. The compliance reports regarding relieving/ joining of the above officers shall be forwarded by the CCIT (CCA) concerned to the Board and Data Base Cell, CBDT by 05.09.2018. All the relieving and joining should mandatorily be done by the officer concerned and approved by the concerned Pr. CCIT(CCA) on-line on www.irsofficersonline.gov.in.

3. Hindi version of this order will follow.

(Yogesh SHarma)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel. No. 23095474

Copy to:

  1. Officers concerned
  2. All Principal Chief Commissioners  of Income  Tax/Principal  Director Generals of Income Tax
  3. Chief Controller of Accounts , New Delhi.
  4. Zonal Accounts Officer, CBDT, Olo Principal CCIT (CCA) concerned
  5. PS to Hon’ble FM / MoS (Finance).
  6. PPS to Finance Secretary/ Chairman , CBDT / Members, CBDT / JS (Admin.), CBDT/JS (Revenue)
  7. Adviser to Hon’ble F.M.
  8. Hindi Section for Hindi version.
  9. Commissioner of Income Tax (Media & TP) and official Spokesperson , CBDT, New Delhi
  10. Secretary General, IRS Association I Secretary General, ITGOA / All-India Income Tax SC & ST Employees’ Welfare Association / Income Tax Employees Federation (ITEF).
  11. Data Base Cell , CBDT

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