NSDL RPU version 1.50 TAN Name and Branch Office Mismatch Validation Errors Code T_FV_6069 T_FV_6054

TAN Name Branch Office Mismatch Errors in NSDL Latest RPU version 1.50 -How to resolve?

NSDL has released e-TDS Return Preparation Utility (RPU) version 1.50 applicable from 13-04-2016. However, users are getting error messages while creating/validating files.

The errors related to two type of mismatch as under:

(a) TAN Name Mismatch

The error code is :
T_FV_6069 Mismatch in TAN present in statement and .csi file imported, kindly provide valid TAN

(b) Branch Mismatch

The error code is :
T_FV_6054 Invalid value provided under Deductor’s Branch/Division. Kindly provide valid value

Steps to resolve RPU 1.50 TAN Name/Branch Mismtach errors

In the latest RPU, while filling the basic data in form 24Q or 26Q, the following precautions must be taken to avoid the above validation errors while creating fvu file for submission.

1. Name of the deductor should filled same as per TAN details in Income Tax database.

Spaces, spellings and small/cap alphabets should be written in the same order as per TAN database.

 Exact Name of the deductor can be viewed from Know your TAN link

2. The Branch/Divisions details should not be left blank
If the deductor (employer) do not have a branch, write “NOT APPLICABLE” and do not leave it blank.

 3. Use CSI file to know the exact name and TAN and fill Form 24Q / 26Q accordingly.

CSI file downloaded from NSDL website contains the name and TAN of the deductor, to avoid any mismatch, the name of the deductor should be copied and pasted from it to the Form 24Q/26Q.

Steps to open and view csi file

a) download csi file from NSDL website
(b) Right click on the file and open it in notepad
(c) Typically contents of the csi file will appear as under:

4^LKNT05685G^SAMPLE COMPANY LIMITED ^00000000000000801297

You will note that both TAN and the name of deductor appear between ^ ^. Copy and paste the same in Form 24Q/26Q details.

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