List of Nidhi companies whose NDH- 4 declaration form rejected by Ministry

List of incorporated Nidhi companies wherein NDH- 4 form for declaration as Nidhi Company have been rejected by Ministry.

Amended section 406 of the Companies Act and Nidhi rules (as amended from time to time) requires that companies have to apply to the Central Government in Form NDH-4 for updation of their status/declaration as Nidhi company. some Companies have applied to the Central Government for updation/declaration as Nidhi Company under the amended provisions of Act/Rules.


examining those applications, the Central Government has noticed that those Companies are not complying with the applicable provisions of the Act and rules made thereunder in toto. Also, a large no. of companies are functioning as Nidhi company and as Per amended companies Act, 2013 are required to file application in form NDH-4 before Central Government to declare them as “Nidhi Company”. However, all the companies functioning as Nidhi company haven’t submitted their application within the fixed time frame prescribed under Nidhi Rules and therefore have committed violation of those rules. Therefore, the investors are advised to verify the antecedents/status of such Company, before becoming its member and take an informed decision before investing in such companies.

Till date, 404 applications filed by such Companies have been rejected by Central Government. Download list of rejected companies Click Here >>

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