Clarifications & FAQ on filing of NFRA-1 form. Who needs to file NFRA-1

Clarifications on frequently asked questions (FAQ), regarding filing of NFRA-1 form Q 1. Who needs to file NFRA-1 Form? Ans. Kindly refer to the chart below: FAQ filing of NFRA-1 form

* As on date, no Body Corporate has been notified under Section 1 (4) (f) of the Companies Act, 2013.

A foreign company which meets the condition stated in para 3(1)(e) and has business in India, needs to file NFRA-1 form w.r.t. its operations in India.

S. N. Query Response
 2. My Company is not covered within the Rule 3(1)(C), Rule 3(1)(d) or Rule 3(1)(e), but NFRA-1 registration page is giving only these three options. What shall I do? Kindly refer to the Chart above. In case, NFRA-1 needs to be filed as per the chart above, kindly register for the same and file NFRA-1 on line.
3. Do small private and public companies also have to file the form? Kindly refer to the chart above.
4. Where to find NFRA-1 form? Please visit and proceed with New User Registration/ Sign Up to begin the procedure.
5. How to download NFRA-1 form? NFRA-1 form needs to be filed online.NFRA 1 form has been notified by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The notification can be downloaded from the following URL: Click Here >>
6. Do private limited company (unlisted) also need to file NFRA form 1 despite auditor appointment as per Companies Act Kindly refer to the Chart above. In case, NFRA-1 needs to be filed as per the chart above, kindly register for the same and file NFRA-1.
7. Do listed Companies need to file Form NFRA-1 or not? Listed Companies would be Filing ADT-1 form with MCA and as such need not file NFRA – 1 form.
8. While filling the details for registration as required for filing the Form NFRA-1, A letter of authorization mandatorily required to be attached/uploaded.(i) What if there are only two directors in the company, then who will authorize the first one (Director) and to whom he has to authorize to file this form. (ii) In this scenario it seems that any one of the directors is required to be authorised by the board and the said authorised director has further mandatorily required to authorize any other official other than director. (iii) Can one director duly authorised by the BOD file this form under his DSC without any further authorisation to any other official? (iv) Can a certified copy of the resolution authorising the director be attached or uploaded as an authorization letter? In case the Entity is required to File NFRA-1 form then, the Governing Board of the Entity needs to authorise an official of the entity to file NFRA-1 Form on behalf of the Entity.Such official needs to have an Identification Number like DIN / ICSI membership number, etc. to file NFRA – 1 form. The Sample Authority Letter is displayed on step 17 of the following URL on NFRA website: Click Here >> Certified copy of the Board resolution can be uploaded as Authority letter however the same should bear all the details as stated in the said sample letter.
9. Does a company which has applied for strike-off is required to file this form or not? Such entity need not file NFRA-1 subject to the condition that the strike off is likely to occur with 3 months.
10. Can a Practising Company Secretary register on behalf of his/her Clients? Kindly refer to the clarification in S.N. 8 above.
11. Do I need to create login id for every company or a single login id can be used to file forms of all companies? Login ID is required Entity wise as the Authority letter would be Entity wise.
12. Who’ll file the one time return and annual return under NFRA? Will these form filed by Auditors or Company? Kindly refer to the clarifications at S.N. 1, 8 and Clause 3(2) and 3(3) of NFRA Rule 2018. NFRA – 1 form need to be filed by the Entity accordingly. 1st time by 31.7.19 or as when the entity is created and then within fifteen days of appointment / change of Auditor So far as annual return is concerned, Auditors would need to file the same as and when prescribed under Rule 5 of NFRA Rules 2018.
13. My DSC provider is not listed in NFRA-1 guidelines. What should I do? Send email to with details of DSC provider
14. We are unable to receive OTP on Mobile for NFRA-1 Registration. SMS Service depends on Mobile operators
15. We would like to add our name in the list of DSC Service provider. How shall we proceed? Kindly refer to the clarification in S. No 13
16. While submitting the registration Form, getting “Some mandatory fields are not filled. Please check red boxes:–> Membership Number Length exceeds the Maximum character entry limit” error. Please guide. Membership Number should be prefixed with pre membership number (A or F) followed by Membership number without spaces.
17. We are Mentioning Membership Number of Company Secretary as A40347 but error pop- up is displaying that “Membership no should start with A or F”? It is an advisory message for entering the Membership Number
18. Password and confirm password show error in spite of putting same password. What to do? Use Latest Browser with JavaScript on (enabled)

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