New procedure for automatic transfer of PF accounts on change of employment – EPFO Circular

New procedure for automatic transfer of PF accounts on change of employment where UAN is Aadhaar seeded by transfer request in Form -11 by employer

transfer of PF accounts

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Automatic transfer of PF accounts 

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No: Manual/Amendment/2011                                                             

Date: 20.09.2017


Revised Procedure for Transfer of Accounts

In the wake of recent digital initiatives with the objective of making EPFO a Paperless Organization, the new procedure has been formulated for transfer of accounts of a member on change of employment to facilitate seamless and hassle free service to subscribers.

2. In case the employee already has a UAN, the employer will be required to enter his details through registration of member functionalities on the employer’s Since there have been cases of wrong linking of current employment of member with a UAN that does not pertain to him, it would be necessary that the employer shall provide the following data at this stage:-

(a) UAN allotted to him in past

(b) Aadhaar of the member

(c) Name of the member

(d) Date of Birth

3. The data thus submitted shall be validated with the information available against the UAN and in case of any discrepancy, the employer would verify/update the information provided.

4. In case, the earlier UAN was Aadhaar seeded and verified, the declaration by the employer of transfer request made by the employee in Form-11 will trigger an auto­ transfer process which will transfer the accumulations against his previous PF ID to the new PF ID. Form No. 13 is not required to be submitted in such cases. An SMS informing the subscriber about the proposed auto-transfer will be sent on his registered mobile number. Auto transfer will be completed only after:-

(a) The member does not request to stop the proposed auto-transfer (either online,or through employer or at the nearest EPFO office) within 10 days of said SMS, and

(b) The first contribution by the present employer is deposited and reconciled

5.  On actual transfer of the account, communication would be sent to the member ,by SMS on his mobile number seeded against the UAN and by e-mail, if

6. In case:-

(a) the earlier UAN was not seeded with Aadhaar or

(b) UAN was Aadhaar seeded but not verified or

(c) EPF transfer from or to an exempted establishment

the member needs to apply for transfer in Form-13 as the existing procedure for physical transfer would be followed.

7. Failure to furnish Aadhaar will lead to difficulty in transferring of old accumulation into new account and therefore all employers are advised to ensure that the Aadhaar number of transferee is filled in the EPFO portal.


(Dr. V P Joy)
Central Provident Fund Commissioner

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