CBI arrested two Central GST officials for demanding bribe of Rs 70000 for closing audit case

CBI arrested two Central GST officials for demanding bribe of Rs 70000 for closing the audit case by levying minimum penalty

The Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI ) has arrested two Central GST officials while accepting a bribe of Rs 70,000 from an advertising agency owner on Friday.

Among the persons arrested were two Superintendents posted in the office of Assistant Commissioner Central Excise Department, Hisar ( Haryana ). As reported in media, the CBI arrested them after registering a case against them. The accused were produced in the Special CBI Court in Panchkula that were sent to 14 days’ judicial custody.

Earlier, Mahavir Godara ( the complainant ) who runs an advertising agency has lodged a complaint with CBI in this regard. The complainant had alleged that he received a notice from Service Tax Department. The two accused Superintendents along with one Inspector visited his office for conducting the audit.

After completion of the audit, they told the complainant an approx figure of Rs. 8 lacs and took away all the the official documents. the complainant  was aksed to come to their  office . When  the complainant reached their office, they told him that they can levy a penalty ranging from 15% to 125% but if the complainant pays bribe of Rs. 1.5 Lacs, then they can close his case by levying only minimum penalty, otherwise they will  impose maximum penalty which  will be very heavy .

The complainant agreed to pay Rs.70,000/- bribe under duress and fear. On which the accused calculated the tax due with interest and minimum penalty which the complainant paid online.

Thereafter, the accused made frequent calls to the complainant and met him to recover the amount of the agreed bribe and threatened him that if he did not pay the bribe they shall  send his file to the Income Tax Department and he will suffer double loss.

On receiving the complaint, the CBI set a trap and the complainant was wired with a digital recorder and sent to the office of the accused. The complainant regretted non payment of bribe due to cash withdrawal amount restrictions on ATM and promised the payment. The conversation was recorded in the digital recorder which was place on the complainant by the CBI.

As a result, a case was registered by the CBI under section 120 of IPC and section 7 of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 against the two superintendents. However the tole of the third accused (Inspector) shall be looked into at the time of investigation.

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