CBIC Lexicon for GST related words and phrases in Hindi

CBIC has released a Lexicon on GST in Hindi

The booklet  gives a  legally correct Hindi lexicon for all GST related words and phrases with reference to CGST Act, 2017, CGST Rules,  2017 and IGST Act, 2017 .

gst hindi lexicon

The  lexicon has been constructed by compiling  all legal terms from the English versions of GST Acts and Rules. As stated, this GST lexicon is not a mere translation from English to Hindi, rather it is a compilation of GST related terminologies purely based on the statute.

Download GST Hindi Lexicon Click Here >>

The lexicon would contribute towards effective understanding of GST Laws in hindi speaking public but also in implementation of official language in GST  offices. This book will be useful to GST officers for making file notings in Hindi. Officers who are not native Hindi speakers can make bilingual notings in files by substituting a few English words with the correct Hindi terms picked up from this lexicon.

The lexicon also contains Hindi  version of  the GST (Amendment) Bill 2018..

Another interesting feature is prize winning posters on GST created by immensely talented students  of  Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai

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