GSTN new functionalities made available for TCS and Composition taxpayers

GSTN new functionalities-Multiple amendments enabled in Table-4 of GSTR-8 and TCS facility extended for Composition taxpayers

New functionalities made available for TCS and Composition taxpayers

1. Provision to make amendment, multiple times, in Table 4 of Form GSTR-8

(a) Earlier, if no action was taken on TCS details, auto-populated in TDS/TCS credit form, by the supplier or if the same were rejected by them in the said form, the TCS (e-commerce operators) could amend the details only once.

(b) Based on requests received from stakeholders, the restriction of amending the transaction details only once, in the table 4 (i.e. amendment table) of Form GSTR-8, has now been removed.

(c) Thus, details of table 4 (i.e. amendment table) of Form GSTR-8, can now be amended multiple times, by e-commerce operators liable to collect tax at source under section 52, while filing their Form GSTR-8.

2. TCS facility extended to composition taxpayers

(a) The taxpayers under composition scheme, who are permitted to make supplies through E-Commerce Operators, e.g. Restaurant Services, will now be able to view and take necessary actions in their TDS/TCS credit received form.

(b) E-commerce operators would now be able to add GSTIN of such composition suppliers, in their Form GSTR-8 and file the Form.

(c) The amount of tax collected at source, reported by E Commerce Operators in their Form GSTR-8, will now be populated to ‘TDS /TCS credit received’ form of respective composition taxpayers.

(d) The amount so reported by e-commerce operators will now be available to respective composition taxpayers, for accepting or rejecting the same, in their ‘TDS and TCS credit received’ form.

  • For accepted transactions, the amount would be credited to cash ledger of composition taxpayers, after successful filing of ‘TDS/ TCS Credit received’ form.
  • For rejected transactions, the amount would be shown to e-commerce operators for correction.

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