New functionalities to be deployed on GST Portal-Negative liability statement, GSTR-4A & HSN in Excel

New functionalities to be deployed on GST Portal-Negative liability statement, downloading Form GSTR-4A & HSN in Excel Format

In order to provide a smooth and hassle free experience to the taxpayers and simplify the process for them, to comply with their GST compliances, the GSTN has decided to deploy following new functionalities on the portal :

Form/ Functionality
Functionality released/ to be released for Taxpayers
Negative liability statement made available to composition taxpayers

•In case of a negative liability in any tax period of a composition taxpayer (and if no amount is required to be paid by the taxpayer (during that period)), the said negative liability will be maintained in Negative liability statement. This negative balance lying in the negative liability statement will be automatically adjusted against the liabilities of subsequent tax period(s).

•The statement would be accessible to them, post-login, by navigating to Services > Ledgers > Negative Liability Statement.

Download of Form GSTR-4A in excel and auto-population of its details in Form GSTR-4 of the composition taxpayer

•Form GSTR-4A is an auto-drafted statement generated for Taxpayers opting for Composition levy, containing details reported by their registered suppliers in their Form GSTR-1/ GSTR-5 and by their TDS deductors in their Form GSTR-7.

•A facility to download the details of Form GSTR-4A, in an Excel file would be made available to the taxpayers, soon.

•This Excel file would contain consolidated summary of the supplies at GSTIN level, for the complete financial year, which are required to be reported in Annual Return filed by them in Form GSTR-4.

•This summary will also be auto-populated in Table 4A and 4B of their Form GSTR-4.

Front Office
Inclusion of common names in the HSN Directory and its download in excel format by the taxpayers

•The currently available HSN Master has been updated on the GST Portal and it now includes product names commonly used in Trade corresponding to a particular HSN code.

•A download facility for the entire HSN directory in Excel Format has also been provided to the taxpayers under the link “Download HSN in Excel Format”. This facility is available as a part of the ‘Search HSN’ functionality, available both in Pre and Post Login, on the GST Portal.

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