Steps to prepare offline for filing GSTR-2

Steps to prepare offline for filing GSTR-2

filing GSTR-2

Steps to prepare offline for filing GSTR-2

Log in to GST portal, click on ‘Returns Dashboard’. Select return period & on the next screen select “Prepare Offline” on the GSTR-2 return file

1. Navigate to download section and download data for GSTR-2 return preparation by clicking on “generate File”.

2. The link to download GSTR-2 return data would be generally made available in around twenty minutes after clicking on ‘Generator File’. The number of files may be more in case of large number of records.

3. Download the files by clicking on the link that appears once the file is generated.

4. Launch the GST offline tool by double clicking on the GST Offline Toll icon on your desktop and click on OPEN and import the zip files(s) in the offline tool and take necessary action.

5. Taxpayers can take actions on the invoice in the offline tool itself. They can select a whole page by clicking on the tick box and take action of accept, reject, keep pending in one go in that page.

6. You can also export data into an excel file and take these actions in the excel sheet. This will be helpful in comparing this data with purchase register to take actions like accept, reject, or modify. Taxpayers can use drag and drop feature of excel to take action in one go on the invoices.

7. Thereafter, you can impart the excel file in the java offline tool, generate a JSON file and upload it on the portal.


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