Tweet FAQ GST ITC-04. Downloading, preparing, removing errors, Filing, uploading ITC-04 at GST Portal

Tweet FAQ GST ITC-04. Downloading, preparing, removing errors  Filing, uploading and adding further records in ITC-04 at GST portal

Tweet FAQ GST ITC-04

Taxpayers guide to file Form GST ITC-04

 Question: How do I file GST ITC-04?

Answer: For preparing and uploading the statement in form GST ITC-04, an excel based offline tool has been made available in the download section of GST Portal. Now all the details can be added in offline mode and thereafter uploaded on GST Portal to furnish the Form for the quarter July to September, 2017

Taxpayers guide to downloading Form GST ITC-04 from the GST Portal.

Question: How to download the GST ITC-04 online?

Answer: You have to download the ITC-04 offline tool from GST portal. The path to download is :

Downloads > Offline Tools > ITC04 Offline Tools.

You will get the ITC file.

Extract the ITC_04Offlinev1.0.xls file.

Save the xls file on your desktop.

Taxpayers guide for Preparing Form ITC-04.

Question: What are the Steps for preparing Form ITC-04

Answer: The steps preparing Form ITC-04 are as under

1. Download offline utility for GST ITC-04, fill in the data in the excel sheet provided.

2. When all data is fed, the data can be validated and any error in the same will be shown by the tool along with the error. The taxpayer should correct the error and again validate the data.

3. Once data is validated, he can generate file by clicking on “Generate file to upload”.

4. The generated file in JSON format should be saved on the computer of the taxpayer and the same should be uploaded on GST portal after logging on the portal.

5. ITC-04 module is available under Returns > ITC Forms > GST ITC-04

6. Select the period and upload the file. After the file is uploaded the system will show the summary of data uploaded which need to be signed by DSC or verified through EVC for successful filing of the same.

Action to be taken for receiving security message while opening the excel file of GST ITC-04.

Question: What action should I take when I get the security warning while opening the excel file?

Answer: If you see the below security warning while opening the excel ;

Security warning macros have been disabled (Enable content)

The following action needs to be taken: On the Message Bar, click Enable Content. The excel file will open in trust mode.

Action to be taken for receiving ‘Compile error in hidden module: m2jwModule’ while opening excel template of GST ITC-04.

Question: What action should I take if I see the below message while opening the excel template?

Tweet FAQ GST ITC-04. Downloading, preparing, removing errors

“Compile error in hidden module m2jw module.

This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, plateform or the architecture of the platform or the architecture of this application. Click “Help” for information on how to correct this error.”

Answer: You need to click on “OK” button and proceed. It may be due to different version of MSVN(.Net) on your desktop.

Taxpayer guide to adding records in GST ITC-04 after the file has already been uploaded.

Question: How to add more records in GST  ITC-04 after the file has already been uploaded?

Answer: Each upload is a new upload and the existing data gets replaced by the new set of records. It is recommended to upload the complete file each time and view the summary on the GST portal to ensure that the total taxable value and total quantity reconciles with your records.

Action to be taken if ‘Run-time error ‘1004’’ error appears while entering values in the Excel template of GST ITC-04.

Question: What action should I take if I see the Run Time error 1000 message while entering values in Excel template?

Answer: This error is shown when you enter values in the cells which are protected,. You can click on ‘End” button and proceed further.

Tweet FAQ GST ITC-04

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