CBDT asks 20 Percent collection of current demand raised till November 2016 as per Central Action Plan 2016-17.

CBDT asks 20 Percent collection of current demand raised till November 2016 as per Central  Action  Plan 2016-17. CBDT Chairman letter to  all Pr. CCIT 

CBDT asks 20 Percent collection of current demand

CBDT Chairman has issued a departmental letter to all Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax for recovery of collection  from  current  demand as per Central  Action  Plan 2016- 17 (CAP 2016-17) target which was fixed  as at least 20% cash collection out of current demands raised during the year.  

As per the said letter, CBDT has carried out a review of the current demand raised  in  various  Regions  up  to November,  2016 which comes to Rs. 97,033 crore. Accordingly, at  the  rate  of 20% of the net current demand, the amount  of  Rs. 19,407  crore is required to be  recovered  collectively against demand  raised till  November, 2016. 

As per the said letter, the net current demand raised (after pre-paid taxes) is highest for Delhi Region followed by Mumbai and Pune. Region-wise net demands raised are as under:


Net current demand raised

Target of cash collection as per CAP 2016-17

PR.CCIT (Int.Taxation), New Delhi 5906.74 1181
Pr. CCIT, Mumbai 19628.45 3926
Pr. CCIT Gujarat 5460.03 1092
Pr. CCIT, AP & Telangana 1884.3 377
Pr. CCIT, Rajasthan 486.06 97
Pr. CCIT, Nagpur 144.5 29
Pr. CCIT, Pune 6362.13 1272
Pr. CCIT, UP West & Uttarakhand 3238.4 648
Pr. CCIT, Lucknow, UP East 1288.71 258
Pr. CCIT, Bhopal 4073.59 815
Pr. CCIT, Bengaluru 4246.32 849
Pr. CCIT, Tamil Nadu 1421.96 284
Pr. CCIT, Kerla 786.32 157
Pr. CCIT, Bhubaneswar 489.3 98
Pr. CCIT, NER 88.42 18
Pr. CCIT, West Bengal & Sikkim 2895.42 579
Pr. CCIT, Bihar & Jharkhand 546.46 109
Pr. CCIT, Delhi 36422.99 7285
Pr. CCIT, North West Region 1663.13 333
Total 97033.23 19407

The said letter highlights that the time-barring date of scrutiny assessment was advanced to 31st December with the objective  to  provide  the  assessment  units  with  a  dedicated  quarter  for recovery of demand raised.  The Action Plan  targets  for  collection  out  of  current  demand  have been fixed liberally in the light of the additional dedicated time available for recovery.

As per the said letter, all Pr. CCIT have been directed to take  concentrated  measures for recoveries accordingly so that at  least the Action  Plan target  must  be  fully met  by the end of the financial  year.


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