Income Tax allows skip option to update e-filing profile at login. Profile Updation is mandatory under New Registration process

New Registration process for income tax e-Filing website users profile updation, Skip option at login now provided

Registration process

Now, Income Tax allows Skip Option to update e-filing profile at login 

Skip Option in income tax efiling Profile updation

Updatation and Activation of Profile at Income Tax e-filing website

Income Tax Department has started a new Registration process for user registration at e-filing website. As per the Department the new process seeks to facilitate effective communication between the taxpayer and department. It would be worth to mention that no return can be filed, without registering at the e-filing website of Income Tax. The existing e-Filing users are required to update their profile by logging into e-Filing account. Users who have registered already and not activated has to register again.

However, the moot question remains if the Department has the mandate to require such information? and what if a user fills wrong/false inputs in the profile either inadvertently or deliberately. As per existing Laws filing wrong data is not a default attracting penal provisions.

As soon as the users log in they will be prompted to fill their details as per the following form and update their profiles. Alternatively, it can be accessed through “Profile” Menu.

Contact Details:

Residential Status *                                             

Primary Mobile Number *                                 
Primary Mobile Number belongs to *                Select
Secondary Mobile Number (India No.)             
Secondary Mobile Number belongs to              Select
Primary E-mail ID *                                          
Primary E-mail ID belongs to *                          Select
Secondary Email ID
Secondary E-mail ID belongs to                        Select
Address Details
Country *                                                         Select
Pincode *
Zipcode *
State *
District/City *                                                    Select
Area/Locality *
Flat/Door/Building *
Bank Account Details 
Do you have a Bank Account in India? *          Yes      No
Account Number *
Account Holder Name as per bank record *
Name of the joint account holder (In case of joint account)
Type of Account *                                             Select
Mobile Number linked with this bank account
Bank Name *
Branch Name


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