PAN blocking for recovery from tax defaulters depriving them of several facilities as suggested in Income Tax Central Action Plan 2016-17

PAN blocking for Recovery from Tax Defaulters 

The Income Tax Central Action Plan 2016-17 talks of blocking of PAN. The important highlights of the suggestions are as under:

1. Pan Blocking shall be after due notice
PAN to be block after due notice to the tax defaulters.

2. PAN blocking shall deprive defaulters from filing their income tax returns
PAN of tax defaulters shall be be blocked in the system, in a such a way that these defaulters would not be allowed to file their Return of Income.

3. PAN blocking to deprive defaulters benefit of carry forward of losses
Blocking of PAN would mean that defaulters cannot avail the benefit of carry forward of Business Loss and Losses under other heads where filing of Return of Income u/s. 139(1) is mandatory.

4. Blocked PAN to be shared with CIBIL
List of such Blocked PANs can be shared with credit rating agency like CIBIL & Banks, so that these defaulters are not sanctioned any loans or overdraft facility by Public Sector Banks, as the same would become NPAs.

5. Withdraw of facility like LPG etc.
Ministry of Finance can be suggested to withdraw facility like LPG Subsidy etc. which are directly credited in to the Bank A/cs, for the said defaulters i.e. Disincentive to be a tax defaulter.

6. Blocking registration of immovable properties
List of blocked PANs can be circulated to Registrar of Properties with a request for not allowing any registration of immovable properties

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