SEBI releases Handbook of statistics on Indian securities market 2018

SEBI releases Handbook of statistics on Indian securities market 2018

SEBI  has  been bringing  out  regularly  the  data  on  the  Indian  securities  market  at  various  frequencies  –  daily,  monthly, quarterly and annually. The “Handbook of Statistics on Indian Securities Market” published by SEBI is a comprehensive and up-to-date statistics information base, which it has been making available since 2004 annually in the public domain since 2004.

The objective of the publication is dissemination of statistics on the securities market to various  stakeholders.

The 2018 Handbook, the fourteenth in the series, contains 171 statistical tables, covering the statistics  of  the  domestic  market  in  a  lucid  form  with  annual  series  and monthly series extending till December 2018. Also, a glimpse of the dimensions of the global securities markets is unveiled through the section on annual series of International Securities Markets.

The Hand Book is available on the SEBI website for download.

The publication has been divided into three parts:

Part I : Indian Securities Market (Annual Series)

Part II : Indian Securities Market (Monthly Series)

Part III: International Securities Market

The Hand Book contains data tables showing trends/statistics ranging from  2010-11 to 2018-19 (up to Dec-2018)

The Chairman SEBI has expressed hope  that  the Hand Book will  enable  analytics  projects  and research  studies  on  the  Indian securities market in future.

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