The Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules 2022

The Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules, 2022. Amendment to Form INC-9 & INC-32 (SPICe+)

MCA has notified the Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules, 2022 amending the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.

The Form INC-9 related to Declaration by Subscribers and First Directors has been amended with effect from 1st June, 2022.

Now, the declaration includes compliance of Government approval under the Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Rules, 2019 where applicable.

Further, in Form INC-32 (SPICe+), in Part-B, in Declaration, the following words have been inserted at the end, namely:-

“I, on behalf of the proposed directors, hereby declare that person seeking appointment is a national of a country which shares a land border with India, necessary security clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India shall be attached with the consent. O Yes O No. (if yes is opted, a copy of the security clearance is to be attached

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