MCA notifies Companies (Winding Up) Rules 2020 w.e.f 1st April 2020

MCA notifies Companies (Winding Up) Rules 2020 w.e.f 1st April 2020

The Companies (Winding Up) Rules 2020 provides rules for :

(i) Winding up by Tribunal

(ii) Liquidators

(iii) Winding up Order

(iv) Application for stay of suits etc. on winding up order

(v) Report by Company Liquidator under section 281

(vi) Settlement of list of contributors

(vii) Advisory Committee

(viii) Meetings of Creditors and Contributories

(ix) Proxies in relation to meetings of creditors and contributories

(x) Registration and Books of Account to be Maintained by Company Liquidators

(xi) Banking Account of Company Liquidator

(xii) Investment of Surplus Funds

(xiii) Filing and Audit of Company Liquidator’s Account

(xiv) Winding up  by Tribunal ( other than summary winding up) Debts and Claims against Company

(xv) Attendance  and Appearance of Creditors and Contributories

(xvi) Collection and Distribution of Assets in Winding up by Tribunal

(xvii) Calls in Winding up by Tribunal

(xviii) Examination under Section 299 and 300

(xix) Application against Delinquent Directors, Promoters and Officers of the Company

(xx) Compromise or Abandonment of Claims

(xxi) Sale by Company Liquidator

(xxii) Dividends and Returns of Capital in Winding up by Tribunal

(xxiii) Termination of Winding up

(xxiv) Payment of Unclaimed Dividends or Distribution of Assets

(xxv) Summary Procedure for Liquidation

Also as part of the Rules, the various forms from WIN-1 to WIN-95 have also been notified.

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