FCRA Requirement of Unique Id registration with DARPAN Portal made optional

Requirement of Unique Id registration with DARPAN Portal made optional for all NGO seeking FCRA Services 

No. II/21022/58(370)/2018-FCRA(MU)
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
Foreigners Division (FCRA Wing)

First Floor,
Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium,
India Gate Circle, New Delhi-110002

Dated: 15th January, 2019


Subject:- Unique Id of NGOs receiving Foreign contribution- regarding

Vide Public Notice of no. 11/21022/58(119)/2015-FCRA(MU) dated 4th October, 2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs had decided that all the existing FCRA registered Associations and those which are seeking Registration/Prior Permission or accepting foreign contribution are required to register with DARPAN Portal to generate the Unique Identification   number  which  shall  be  required  for  any  FCRA  related service like Registration/Prior Permission/Renewal/Change of details/ uploading  of Annual Return etc.

2. The matter has been reconsidered. It has been decided that the requirement of registration with the DARPAN Portal will be OPTIONAL for all NGO seeking FCRA Services. However, Associations/NGOs, which have already registered with the DARPAN Portal or those which are required to register under the DARPAN portal since they receive subsidies/grants/contribution from public funds, may still continue to quote their DARPAN Identification number while seeking FCRA related services.

(Ravinder Kumar)
Director (FCRA)
Tel. No.:011-23077510

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