GST FAQ-Registration required when Google Ads turnover exceeds 20 lakhs

GST FAQ-Registration required when Google Ads turnover exceeds 20 lakhs. Tweet by GOI official twitter handle for replying GST queries

GST on Google Ads

Question: Advance was given when the rate was 28% and our vendor has paid taxes on it. Subsequently rate has fallen to 18%. Will the invoice be raised at 18%? If yes, what to do of additional 10% paid as advance?

Answer: Assuming supply happened after the change in the tax rate, the time of supply is date of issue of invoice. Therefore 18% additional tax paid can either be adjusted in subsequent months or claimed back as refund.

Question:  On my website I show google ads, for which I can’t generate invoice. Google calculates my earnings and transfers to my bank account. For brands, which given ads directly to me, I generate invoice. My annual turnover has not crossed Rs. 20 lakhs. Do I need to register for GST?

Answer: registration is required when aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs

Question: In transition credit of excise duty available on an inter-state sale made on 23rd June, 2017 but delivery is yet to be taken? Kindly clarify.

Answer: If the credit of the excise duty was taken in the last return filed under excise, then it is eligible for transition.

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