ICAI cancels MAY 2020 Exams and merge May 2020 attempt with Nov 2020 Examinations

ICAI cancels MAY 2020 Exams and merge May 2020 attempt with November 2020 Examinations

ICAI cancels MAY 2020 Exams

In view of the Covid-19 prevailing situation, ICAI has decided to cancel May 2020 Examinations and merge the May 2020 attempt with November 2020 Examinations, with due carryover of all benefits already available to students including fee paid and exemptions.

The students who have made application for May 2020 Examinations will have an option to change the group(s) of their appearance and centre of Examinations at the time of making a fresh application for November 2020 Examinations, which, subject to conditions prevailing at relevant time, will start from 1st November 2020.

In this schema, the students will be free to exercise the options afresh for the groups that they intend to appear in the November 2020 examinations.

The decision came in view of the fact that with Unlock-1, the severity of COVID 19 Pandemic has become more severe and also the Government in Unlock-2 Guidelines has extended the closure of all schools & academic Institutions and academic congregations till 31st July 2020. 

Earlier, the ICAI, for the students appearing in May 2020 Examinations, had enabled them to change their centre for appearance in May/ July 2020 Examination and/or to decide, at their free will, to “Opt Out” of the May/ July 2020 Examinations with carryover of all benefits including fee paid and exemptions.

ICAI had also issued a FAQ’s relating to conduct of May/ July 2020 Examinations, change in centre and operation and procedure for Opt Out to address the queries raised by the students.

The facility to “opt out” to allow the students to make their decision which facility is available to the students even as on date.

The students have been advised to stay in touch with the Institute’s website www.icai.org for further announcements relating to November 2020 Examinations and in case of any queries can write at may2020exam@icai.in.

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