ITAT functioning from restricted due to corona Virus. Read Advisory

ITAT functioning from 17.3.2020 to 27.3.2020 restricted due to corona virus to urgent matters only. Read order of ITAT President

Prathishtha Bhavan, 3rd &4th Floor,
101 Maharshi Karve Marg, Mumbai – 400 020


Date : 16th March, 2020

In my advisory dated 13.3.2020, addressed to all Vice-Presidents, I had suggested appropriate measures be taken to ensure safety and welfare of all the stakeholders in the wake of spread of Novel Corona virus (COVID-19). The measures so taken by the Vice-Presidents, in the light of feedback from all the stakeholders and the developments in the prevailing situations, have been reviewed.

2. Considering the developing situation and in the light of the Notification of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 13th March, 2020, I deem it fit and proper to take certain precautionary measures, at all India level, to check the spread of Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic. It is in this backdrop that the following further steps are directed to be taken, at all India level, with immediate effect:-

(i) that the functioning of the Benches for a period from 17.3.2020 to 27.3.2020 shall be restricted to only urgent matters;

(ii) that the Authorized Representatives or parties in person may mention their matters showing their urgency before the concerned Bench and upon the satisfaction of urgency, the Bench shall hear such matters;

(iii) all other routine matters would stand adjourned and the Advocates/Chartered Accountants/Practitioners or assessees need not be present in person for seeking an adjournment on the respective dates of hearing;

(iv) the adjourned dates of hearing shall be notified to the office of respective local ITAT Bar Association, and the office of the respective CIT(Admn) in DR’s office. The ITAT Bar Association shall ensure wide circulation of the dates of the adjournments; and,

(v) the adjourned dates of hearing shall also be notified on the website of the ITAT after discharge of the Board of the respective Benches.

4. Considering the importance of the measures intended for the safety and welfare of health of all the stakeholders, all concerned are requested to cooperate, in the interest of all.


[Justice P P Bhatt]

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