Shri PC Mody takes over as the new Chairman of CBDT

Shri PC Mody takes over as the new Chairman of CBDT

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue

New Delhi, the 15th February, 2019.

OFFICE ORDER No. 38/2019

The President of India is pleased to appoint Shri Pramod Chandra Mody, IRS (IT:82004), presently working as Member, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) as Chairman, Central Board of the Direct Taxes (CBDT) in the Department of Revenue, vice Shri Sushil Chandra, IRS (IT), in Level 17 of Pay Matrix Rs, 2,25,000/-, with the status of Special Secretary to the Government of India from the date of his taking charge of the post, until further orders or his superannuation) whichever is earlier.

(Rajinder Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

Copy to:
1. Shri Sushil Chandra, Chairman, CBDT
2. Shri Pramod Chandra Mody, IRS (IT:82004) Member, CBDT
3. PS to FM/PS to MOS(Rev.)/ PPS to Revenue Secretary /SS(Rev.)/ Chairman, CBIC/All Members, CBDT& CBIC/ DO, eEIB/ JS(R)/ JS(Admn.CBDT)
4. DS(Admn)/DS(Pers.)/DS(Ad.VI)/US(GAR)/US(Ad.VI)/ US(Ad.IA&B)
5. Joint Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat for information.
6. PPS to Shri Pradip Kumar Tripathi, Secretary, ACe & EO(DoP&T)
w.r.t. communication No. 18/60/20 16-EO(SM.II) dated 14.02.2019.
7. NIC, Department of Revenue with the request to updated the website of Department.
8. All, Officers and sections reporting to CBDT
9. Chief Supervisor/Reception Officer(Gate No. 2&9)
10. Office Order folder/Spare copies… 10.

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