Company name availability / Undesirable names – MCA proposes amendments in the Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014

Undesirable company names – Ministry of Corporate Affairs has proposed amendments in the Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014

The proposed amendment intends to bring more clarity to the rules related to name availability by:

(i) inclusion of illustrations in the rules;

(ii) providing a clear test to determine as to whether the applied name resembles too nearly with the name of an existing company; and

(iii) bringing more clarity in the rule related to “general names” / descriptive names and trademark applicability;

The proposed amendment seeks to substitute the following rules

Rule 8 – Names which resemble too nearly with the name of an existing company

Rule 8A – Undesirable names

Rule 8B – Word or expression which can be used only after obtaining previous approval of the Central Government

As said, many illustrations have been given to explain the different scenarios.

Download / Read the Proposed Amendments Click Here >>

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Suggestion/Comments on the proposed amendments along with justification in brief may be sent latest by 31st December, 2018

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