Delhi Government New Odd Even Car Formula Scheme from 15-04-2016 to 30-04-2016-Exemptions and Fines

Government of Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi) in order to control air pollution level, has launched it odd-even non-transport four wheeled vehicles (motor cars) formula schemes once again for the  period from 15th April, 2016 and will remain in force till 30th April, 2016

Does restrictions applies to all four wheelers?
The scheme covers the plying of non-transport four wheeled vehicles (Motor Cars etc.)

Date wise restrictions based on registration number:
Non-transport Vehicles  (Motor cars) having registration number ending with odd digit (1,3,5,7,9) shall be prohibited on even dates of the month of April (i.e. 16th ,18th, 20th, 22nd, 26th and so on) and

Non-transport Vehicles (Motor cars) with registration number ending with even digit (0,2,4.6,8) shall be prohibited on odd dates of the month of April (i.e. 15th , 19th, 21st, 23rd ,25th and so on)

Vehicles of other States
These restrictions shall also apply to the non-transport four wheeled vehicles bearing registration number of other states.

Timings of Prohibition
These restrictions shall be applicable from 8 AM to 8 PM of such dates.

Restrictions on Sunday(s)
These restrictions shall not be applicable on Sundays

Fine/Penalty for Violation
Fine of Rs. 2000/- shall be imposed for violating the scheme.

Competent Officers authorised for imposing fine:
(a) Head constable and above ranked officer  of Delhi police.
(b)  Head constable and above ranked officer of the Transport Department, GNCTD
(c) Such officers/authorities as authorized by Divisional Commissioner, Revenue Department, GNCTD

Exempted Vehicles
These restrictions shall not apply to the following vehicles:

(i) Vehicles of the President of India;
(ii) Vehicles of the Vice President of India;
(iii) Vehicles of the Prime Minister of India;
(iv) Vehicles of Governors of States;
(v) Vehicles of Chief Justice of India;
(vi) Vehicle of the Speaker of Lok Sabha;
(vii) Vehicles of the Ministers of the Union;
(viii) Vehicles of the Leaders of opposition in the Rajya sabha and Lok sabha;
(ix) Vehicles of Chief Ministers of States / Union Territories except Chief Minister, Government of National C-apital Territory of Delhi;
(x) Vehicles of the Judges of Supreme Court of India;
(x) Vehicle of Chairperson, Union public seruice commission, Vehicles of Chief Election Commissioner / Election Commissioners and Vehicle of Controller & Auditor General of India;
(xii) Vehicle of the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ;
(xiii) Vehicle of the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha;
(xiv) Vehicle of Lieutenant Governor of National Capital Territory of Delhi;
(xv) Vehicles of the Chief Justice and Judges of Delhi High Court;
(xvi) Vehicle of the Lokayukta;
(xvii) Emergenry Vehicles i.e. Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Hospital, prison, Hearse vehicles;
(xviii) Enforcement vehicles i.e. vehicles of Police, vehicles of Transport Department GNCTD, vehicles authorised by the Divisional Commissioner GNCTD, para military forces etc.;
(xix) Vehicles bearing Ministry of Defence number plates;
(xx) Vehicles which are having a pilot/ escoft;
(xxi) Vehicles of SPG protectees;
(xxii) embassy vehicles bearing cd numbers;
(xxiii) Compressed Natural Gas driven vehicles (these vehicles should prominently display sticker ‘cNG Vehicle’ on the front windscreen – issued by M/s Indraprastha Gas Ltd.), Electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles;
(xxiv) Vehicles being used for medicar emergencies – (will be trust based);
(xxv) Women only vehicles – including children of age upto 12 years travelling with them;
(xxvi) Vehicles driven/occupied by handicapped persons;
(xxvii) Vehicles of State Election Commission, Delhi & Chandigarh and vehicles deployed by the Commission with Election Observers/Returning Officers/Asstt. Returning Officers & Security vehicles etc. and
(xxviii) Vehicles carrying child/children in school uniform


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