India & Samoa enters into Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA)

India & Samoa enters into Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA)

Notification of Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and Government of Samoa for the exchange of information with respect to taxes (AEI/ACT) (Tax Information Exchange Agreement TIEA).

The Finance Ministry has notified Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between India & Samoa. Samoa officially the Independent State of Samoa is a Polynesian island country. Samoa was a colony of the German Empire from 1899 to 1915, then came under a joint British and New Zealand colonial administration until 1 January 1962, when it became independent. 

As per the agreement, both shall provide assistance through exchange of information for administration and enforcement of taxes laws . Such information shall include information relevant to the determination, assessment and collection of such taxes, the recovery and enforcement of tax claims, or the investigation or prosecution of tax matters. 

The agreement covers tax of every kind and description imposed in the India or Samoa. The Agreement shall also apply to any identical or substantially similar taxes imposed after the date of signature of this Agreement in addition to, or in place of, the existing taxes.

Either country may decline to share information where the requesting Party has not pursued all means available in its own territory to obtain the information, except where recourse to such means would give rise to disproportionate difficulty; or where disclosure of the information would be contrary to public policy (ordre public) of the requested Party.

The information received under the Agreement shall be treated as confidential and may be disclosed only to persons or authorities (including courts and administrative bodies.

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