E-Way Bill 2 Portal to be launched on 1st June 2024

Launch of E-Way Bill 2 Portal on 1st June 2024
GSTN has informed inform that NIC is releasing the E-Way Bill 2 Portal (https://ewaybill2.gst.gov.in) on 1st June 2024.
The new portal ensures high availability and runs in parallel to the e-way Bill main portal (https://ewaybillgst.gov.in). The e-way bill 2 portal synchronises the e-way bill details with main portal within a few seconds.
The highlights of the portal are as follows:

• Presently, E-Way Bill 2 Portal provides the critical services of E-Way Bill system, and gradually it will be extended with other services of e-way bill system.

• E-Way Bills can be generated and updated on the E-Way Bill 2 Portal independently.

• E-Way Bill 2 portal provides the web and API modes of operations for e-way bill services.

• The taxpayers and logistic operators can use the E-Way Bill 2 portal with the login credentials of the main portal.

• The taxpayers and logistic operators can use the E-Way Bill 2 portal during technical glitches in e-way bill main portal or any other exigencies.

• The Criss-Cross operations of printing and updating of Part-B of E-Way Bills can be carried out on these portals. That is, updating of Part-B of the E-Way bills of portal 1 can be done at portal 2 and vice versa.

• In case E-Way Bill main portal is non-operational because of technical reasons, the Part-B can be updated to the E-Way Bills, generated at Portal 1, at portal 2 and carry both the E-way Bill slips.

• For further details, please visit the e-way bill portals

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